Gem Fruits Slots

If we told you to spot 10 slots based around fruits, we guess you could find them in seconds. You might do the same if you looked for slots based on gems, too. And the Gem Fruits slot could fit both categories. Shall we see whether it’s a successful mix of themes?

Reels and paylines appearing in Gem Fruits

We have 25 paylines spread out over the usual five reels, so there’s nothing unusual about this aspect of the game.

Sort through the available bets before making any real spins

There are many bets you can make in this game, and thanks to the practice version, you can test any budget to see how it might fare.

Gem Fruits includes two special icons to search for

One symbol displays WILD on it, with a sparkle of diamonds as a backdrop. You can guess the role this plays, appearing as it does on all reels except the last. This changes if you access the free spins, in which case it can land everywhere.

The scatter gives us the game logo to look for, and this is the only thing you can’t use the wild to stand in for, as usual.

What about bonuses in the Gem Fruits slot?

As usual, three scattered logos provide access to the free spin round. If you get more scatters in these spins, there is a chance to earn more freebies as well. Remember that wilds can arrive on all the reels here as well.

Finally, there is a small reel to the right of all the others. This only comes into play if you manage to get a five-icon prize anywhere in the main game. If so, you will see the sixth reel spin too, offering you a chance to scoop a jackpot prize. There are various prizes and quantities available there.

Gem Fruits gives you a few neat twists to look forward to

Much of this game is a standard one, but you can expect a decent mix of ideas landing in the Gem Fruits slot. With a demo to access first, it’s a good way to get a sense of what is to come, too.