Great Golden Lion Slots

Great Golden Lion Slots

Great Golden Lion is a majestic name to select for any slot, but does the game itself bear out that promising title? We loaded it to give it a try, and we return here with everything we found out about it.

Let’s check out the format for starters

The game offers five reels for spinning, but it doesn’t go for the payline format. Instead, you get all permutations involved – and there are 243 ways to win as a result.

Is this a pricey slot game to play?

You need to play with a 20-cent minimum wager, although there are plenty of bets that go higher. We can confirm $10 is the highest of them all.

Great Golden Lion includes these icons to watch out for

Some coins linked with a strip of ribbon provide us with our wild symbol. There is only one symbol it cannot substitute for in this game, and that’s a scatter. It shows a single gold coin. Make sure you can identify this because there are other coins involved that land in a variety of other shades. None of those behave as scatters, however.

Bonuses you won’t want to miss in this slot game

The Hold and Spin bonus feature brings you six, eight, or 10 gold coins on the reels to begin with. There are no fewer than six versions of the bonus round, so even if you unlock it more than once, chances are you can play it a different way each time. The demo will hopefully give you more insight into what might happen.

You also have a jackpot featured in the Great Golden Lion slot. This round is randomly triggered, and since accessing it does guarantee you will get a jackpot prize, you can guess that it is very unlikely to happen!

What did we think of the Great Golden Lion slot game?

This is a lot bigger than we thought it could be. Entering a bonus round that includes six ways to play is quite a feat. It doesn’t appear that you can choose what happens, but it’s a round we think you’ll enjoy should you reach it.