Hyper Wins Slots

Hyper Wins is a title that says it all. While Hyper Wins isn't The Fast Or The Furious, it is still a swell and rewarding game with all the virtual bells and whistles of a game out of this world and then some. Hyper Wins is brand new, and it is already drawing a global buzz.

Real-Time Gaming Does It Again

Real-Time Gaming is a true gaming guru and a world-renown gaming engine. After starting in the late 1990s as a three-reel slot game developer on a dial-up modem, Real-Time Gaming has since exploded to become the best and most fierce five-reel game developer. The results continue to be nothing short of exceptional, but every now and then, Real-Time Gaming returns to its stellar three-reel roots. The result is Hyper Wins, a charming three-reel game with all the bells and whistles of a modern-day five-reel game. Hyper Wins comes loaded with an all ways pay game that puts the fun in hyper. Hyper Wins also has all the bonus rounds that you can handle to keep the good times rolling.

Practice Getting All The Winning Symbols In A Row

Hyper Wins is full of fun and rewards with several avenues for you to win and come out ahead. There is no rush to lay down a real bet. Hyper Wins follows the proud mode and tradition of other Real-Time Gaming titles where you can play practice rounds to get the hang of the title. All of the charming Hyper Wins features are available, but you can't win real money. Don't worry. By the end of this article, we are confident that you'll be rushing to your preferred Real-Time Gaming casino where you can get your fill of Hyper Wins.

Space And Jewels Run The Day

Hyper Wins Casino takes place in the coolness of outer space. Instead of focusing on planets and supernovas, Hyper Wins Casino features bubbly gems that are eager to lineup in your winning direction. Hyper Wins also features a retro soundtrack similar to the 8-bit days of the original Nintendo to help set the mood. Gold is very prominent in the game, as are stars.

Hyper Wins Features A Quaint Design

Hyper Wins might play out of this world, but the game functions are quite down to Earth. Because Hyper Wins is an all ways pay game, this beautiful title comes with pay line arrows to help you control the flow to suit your gaming needs and prowess. We have only just begun to break down the red tape surrounding this game. Hyper Wins is a lot of game to handle, which is why it comes with an autoplay function to manage the intense game action in clusters, but you can still run the reels individually to address your gaming needs. If you need more control, Hyper Wins gives you the promising options button where you can craft and tweak the fine game settings to meet your needs.

Hyper Wins Wins On Every Level

Hyper Wins doesn't play games nor hold back with the judicious wins. Hyper Wins is an all ways pay game during regular gameplay that is more than enough to get you to win as you see fit. Going the extra mile, Hyper Wins offers intense bonus round play such as the hyper win bonus, the hyper prize feature, the lucky feature, and the magnificent free spins round. Please have patience. We will dish and talk about these bonus rounds in due time.

The Pay Lines Are Hyper Active

Hyper Wins comes with a traditional pay line set, but the caveat is that you can win on either side that like icons land on. Also, hyper Wins is a three-reel game, so there's less room to maneuver, which helps your winning chances.

It's Swell To Make This Bet

Hyper Wins comes out of the corner swinging in a variety of ways. The latitude for making bets starts as low as a penny but can max out at $5.

Hyper Wins Delivers The Paytable Experience

Hyper Wins truly lives up to the billing and its name through the paytable. We begin with the vibrant and prolific rainbow color moon. This celestial charm doubles winning combinations when it lands on the reels. The following key icon playing Hyper Wins is the bonus star. Hyper Wins is more than meets the eye when you play with this bonus star. Specifically, the bonus star plays a significant role in the free spins round. We will touch on the free spins round soon enough.

Hyper Wins is a bit of a throwback slot with some charming and quaint game symbols like the green gem, the red heart, the pink gem, and the orange gem. Hyper Wins rounds out the remaining and faithful game symbols like aces through jacks.

The Bonus Rounds Are On Cloud Nine

Hyper Wins comes out swinging from all directions to the bonus rounds. If it isn't enough to win during regular gameplay, you can take Hyper to the next level through Hyper Win's fantastic hyper win bonus round. Here, if you get three of the same symbol except for the wild symbol to land on the reels, they transform into moons to take your winning experience through the stratosphere. In the Hyper Prize round, you receive a pick for each bonus star that you have accumulated along the way. Hyper Wins sets the stage is set for you to pick among nine locations to reveal a prize that quickly adds up to 1,000 times your bet. The free spins round commences after the Hyper Wins bonus round.

You might experience the free spins round or the Hyper Prize Feature with the lucky feature to ensure that you game and stay on the winning track.

Hyper Wins Celebrates The Free Spins Round In Grand Style

Yes, Hyper Wins Casino doesn't hold back on the free spins extravaganza. Remember those bonus stars? Well, they are the key to getting into the free spins round, provided that you get at least three of them. The more bonus stars that land, the sweeter and the greater the number of free spins you will play with. Yes, Hyper Wins shoots for the stars by shelling out up to 200 free spins. And yes, you can re trigger the free spins bonus.

A Terrific Return To Player

Hyper Wins Casino sets sail in various ways, but the return to player more than holds its ground. If you are familiar with Real-Time Gaming, then perhaps you already know that their games feature a resounding return to player that ranks high in the ninety-percentile.

Hyper Wins Draws Hyper Buzz

Hyper Wins is off to a rocket start, and it is already drawing significant buzz around the internet. If you check the internet sites that review slot games, you'll find Hyper Wins at the top of the list.

Take Flight And Win

Hyper Wins Casino is now available at many online casinos that host and supports the Real-Time Gaming engine. In addition, these same online casinos have a variety of promotions to help you make the most of playing Hyper Wins Casino.

Have Fun With The Stars

Hyper Wins Casino offers many things, but the game's name is still fun. Remember, Hyper Wins comes with a fantastic demo play, so you don't have to rush to judgment.

Win Big And For Real

Hyper Wins Casino lays it on the line when you are ready to make that vaulted bet. The exact online casino that hosts Hyper Win Casino is sure to have user-friendly banking options to get you into the Hyper Wins action swiftly.

Hyper Wins Is Mobile

Hyper Wins Casino works like a charm on desktop computers, and the same is true for stellar mobile devices.