Loose Caboose Slots

If you’ve ever seen movies from the Old West, then you’ve also seen cowboys and train chases. Well, a caboose is one of those oblong attachments to said train, and they were often targeted by vociferous and rowdy robbers on horseback as they barreled down the tracks in the American MidWest. Sometimes called a fortune train, many a hoodlum made their riches from flagging one down, boarding it and taking what they pleased. Loose Caboose Slots is an online slot rendition of this crazy pastime, and it delivers the riches just like the much more dangerous adventure used to.

This game is decidedly more pedestrian than the real thing; you hop on the train, find a caboose and make your place in it as the train rushes through desert and small town, all the while picking up cash and prizes. The five reels and many active paylines makes for a generous number of chances to win something, and the addition of a bonus round is even greater incentive to play. Want one more reason? Well - there’s a Progressive Jackpot that shows up randomly. It just keeps on growing until one lucky gamer hits all the right moves on the reels.

As with other 25 payline games, Loose Caboose rewards you for playing longer. It is the persistent that end up winning here, given the sheer plenitude of different ways to collect a prize. And this even before you chance upon the lucrative Bonus Round. The symbols include some of the cards from the table game, poker, as well as Wild Wild West representatives. There’s the train conductor, a lovely Southern Belle, a golden ticket, a bag of goods, and others. The Engineer is the Wild symbol and the Caboose is the Scatter. The Engineer can replace any other symbol except for the Caboose in order to complete a winning paylne. All aboard - this train is going to the Promised Land.