Mardi Gras Magic Slots

Everyone loves hitting the streets during Mardi Gras, and when it comes to this slot, you want the best. Get more from the use of the beads, the extra fun, the sparkle, shimmer, and shine. With music pumping loudly, you can find the perfect place to spend some downtime.

If you are after a good time where you can win some cash, this is where to find yourself. Never have to worry about where to spin and win again. So more on this game, the bright graphics, loud sounds, and fun makes you feel like you're in the middle of the action. If this is an exciting way to play and win, then start the game up today.

Who is the Game Maker of Mardi Gras

Brightly colored graphics, sounds, and more are made of the highest quality. You can easily find that the Mardi Gras part of this game has all been expertly crafted on the best IT programs. Real Time Gaming or RTG is who is responsible for this game. This means you know you can ensure that it is of the highest quality.

RTG is known for its high payout, high-quality slots. Specializing in these specific casino games, they pay great detail to the particular slots they introduce to players. Due to this, you're obtaining the best quality possible.

Gameplay Offered

You do have to sign up for an account with the casino to play the slot game. Even if you're playing for fun and not for money, an account is necessary. You can find that this 5-reel, video, and bonus slot game has everything you need and more. With so much being offered, you will find a way to put down a decent bet and get an even bigger payout.

With 25 pay lines and a max bet of $125, you can be sure to grab a significant amount to use to your advantage. Choose how much, because the lowest is $0.01, which leaves many areas and amounts of bets you can place on the board.

The Many Symbols Offered

Several symbols are offered in this carnival-themed slot game. You can find just about every single spin and win. There are many different themed symbols that you can find on the board. There are many different colors of dancers from purple, green, red, and yellow. All of these colors are swirling in front of you.

With the hearts, spades, diamonds, and clubs, the traditional card symbols come around the board in front of you. You will be sure to use the cocktails, drink, mask, and the magic logo from Mardi Gras itself. You can have it all and more. You need to spin, win, and get more out of the game you're playing when you spin.

Bonus Games for All

There are a few bonus games that this slot comes with. This is a great thing to take advantage of. With the free games feature, you can use some free games to develop more spins to win. You can also choose the bursting wilds feature that burst in front of you on the board. Random prize awards are outstanding. They come up from time to time, which is how you can win just about anything at any point in the games.

Playing While on the Go

When the time comes to play, you have many options to go with. You can go with the online version that you play on the web browser. You don't have to download anything with this version. If you don't mind downloading anything and you want access to all of the games and features, then downloading the interface is for you. If you want to play anywhere else but your home, can do so. They need to download the casino app to their smartphone. They can then play the slots from there. It is simple, easy, and effective at providing you with a way to play and win while on the go. Sign up today.

The best part of the slots is that you can be sure you're not alone. You and so many others love this slot because of all that it offers to the player. You can cash out with a decent amount when you're a part of an exciting new slot. You can sign up with them and make sure you're choosing the best outcome. You can be a part of the action right here with Mardi Gras Slots.