Ox Bonanza Slots

A bonanza is typically a good thing, and since this one involves an ox, what can we make of the theme ahead? Don’t worry, we’ve got the answers to that and many other questions you might now have about the Ox Bonanza slot game.

It looks superb for starters, and that’s just the logo promoting this new title. The detail in the ox head in the middle of the image is stunning. You can also see golden lettering for the title and a hint of the theme in the background. We have a lot to unpack in this game, so let’s get underway now, shall we?

Developer details for Ox Bonanza

If we tell you that this slot game comes from Realtime Gaming, you’ll feel excited at the prospects ahead of you. RTG does do a superb job with most – if not all – their slots.

Demo accessibility guaranteed

As with all other slots from RTG, you can count on being able to check it out with some demo credits before launching into the game for real.

Theme details for Ox Bonanza

The theme is based around animals, but it is a little more precise than that. A January release with other carefully chosen animals on the reels suggests a Chinese New Year theme. And the other details of the background confirm this. They created this slot to help celebrate the Year of the Ox.

Does it boast a cool design?

Yes, although they have stuck to the usual letters and numbers for the cheaper symbols. We do have some other animals shown as the major symbols though, along with the ox itself and a suitable background. Expect to see cherry blossoms, Oriental-style buildings, and pink-hued clouds in that image too.

What should you expect when you load Ox Bonanza?

The game comes with a five-reel format, each reel delivering three symbols when it stops spinning. If you like playing for progressive jackpots, there are two here – the minor jackpot and the major jackpot, which is worth the most.

We’d be surprised if they hadn’t chosen the ox as the substitute for this game. It only turns up on the first reel, although there is a random bonus feature associated with it that we’ll come to later in our review.

For now, you should know that the ox doubles all prizes it helps you secure. It subs for everything except the scatter, as usual. This symbol can appear anywhere and is shown bearing the words Ox Bonus.

How many paylines can you bet on?

There are 25 in this game, but they’re fixed so you cannot deselect any.

Does that make this an expensive game to play?

Technically this is still a penny slot, as the cheapest bet across all the lines is a quarter. Our research indicates the highest bet could be lower than you expect, at $12.50.

Paytable details for Ox Bonanza

They’ve hidden the paytable behind the info symbol. This is shown as a lower case i in a circle, displayed in the bottom corner on the left.

Bonus features for this slot game

There is just one bonus element here, and it is called the Morphing Wild feature. This doesn’t always happen when the wild appears on the first reel, but it happened a few times when we tried the game. The idea is that the wild can cause one or more other high-paying symbols to morph into extra wilds. Only then are any prizes paid out. It could lead to a bigger prize or an extra prize depending on the initial result of that spin.

How about netting some free spins?

Yes, you can score 10 of those for finding three scatters anywhere in a single spin. However, if you’d like to play some more, you can double that to 20 with four scatters. Even better is a free spin count of 100 if you can find five triggering scatters.

Regardless of how many you start with, they can trigger again in the same way. The Morphing Wild feature is also active in this portion of the game.

RTP information unavailable

This is common with RTG games, so it’s no surprise to find the information isn’t displayed for this game either.

Do we like the Ox Bonanza slot game?

Yes, it’s a nice game based on a popular annual theme. They’ve poured a superb color palette into it too, so it looks as thrilling as it plays. Without any notably altered features to offer, our rating was going to stop short of the maximum score. It still goes as high as eight out of 10 though.

Watch for some jackpot winners

These are the best prizes of course, since they keep on increasing in value until they’re won. We know that is with a random trigger, but the game features many other reasonable prizes too.

The demo acts as the perfect intro

Don’t play the real version of Ox Bonanza until you’ve experimented with the demo. This is simple to access on any casino website with RTG games.

Play for real if you like this take on the Chinese New Year

Look for the game at all casinos offering RTG games. Many run on the RTG software, so look for those online today.

Did you know you can play on mobile too?

You can – grab your iOS or Android device and give it a try today.