Planet of the Roos Slots

We guess the Planet of the Apes movie inspired this slot, as it takes us to the Planet of the Roos. And that does mean kangaroos, which are no less odd than apes, we suppose. There are some familiar features here, but will this slot game produce any neat and new twists worth noting?

How does the game work?

Good question – we have five reels to spin here, and the 25-line format is certainly nothing new.

The betting options cater toward smaller budgets

With a penny per line as the starting point, it’s possible to cover all the lines with a quarter bet here. The largest line bet still only gives a total wager of $6.25.

Can you find these symbols as you play Planet of the Roos?

A wild kangaroo is no surprise, as we thought it might come into play in that respect. This will substitute for all but two other icons, so let’s check out the exceptions now.

The scatter symbol shows a building of some kind, perhaps a temple. There is also a gold coin on the reels, and this has another role to play.

Watch for the chance of some bonuses to appear in Planet of the Roos

Find three, four, or five buildings and you will receive five, seven, or 10 free spins. Each spin will give you giant symbols covering the middle three reels, so these can be rather interesting to play. If you land a giant scatter on those reels, it gives you a good chance to get more freebies as well.

You need to land six coins to get access to the Hold & Spin feature, which plays out in much the same way as it does when featuring in other slot games. It does add another layer of gameplay to the action though.

What will you make of the Planet of the Roos slot?

There is a lot to look forward to in this game, and let’s be honest, kangaroos are a rarity in slot games, so it’s great to see them in action. See what you make of the demo and go from there if you want to play more.