Santa's Reel Wheel Slots

There are many popular themes in the world of online slots, and it's no surprise to discover that some of them are seasonal. The best of all is surely the Christmas theme, as this gives you the chance to indulge in all the best bits of the season. So, we've got a slot review for you here based on that very theme, in the shape of Santa's Reel Wheel. What's this wheel about and is it one you'll want to spin?

Developer info for this slot

This is another big release from Spin Logic Gaming.

It has the usual practice version with it too

You can choose this rather than the standard paid version to see what you make of it first.

Theme information for Santa's Reel Wheel

Well, there are never going to be any big surprises with this one… it's the festive season and that means this game is based around Christmas.

Lots of Christmassy elements wrapped up in this design

The game looks incredible for one of a small size, and while there are 2D graphics in play, it manages to add some depth here and there too. The white and red of the candy cane comes into focus as well.

Santa's Reel Wheel: Reels, features, and more facts about the game

This almost doesn't look like a slot game at all. The game has three icy panels set between candy canes, with the chance to find up to three symbols on each one. The top two panels are frozen as the game starts, so you'll only play on the lower one. You need to either get a prize combo on that panel or find some fireworks to unlock the next panel in turn.

The game doesn't come with any progressive jackpots, and there's no scatter icon to chase after either. There is a wild though, which is shown as an icy blue diamond. It all looks rather chilly!

Paylines don't matter here

Instead, it works with those panels. Three symbols land on each one, so you must follow the above rules to find out whether you can move up to another panel.

Place your bets for Santa's Reel Wheel

As usual with Spin Logic Gaming titles, you do get the chance to sort through a few bet amounts to see which of them would be best for your budget. You can try different wagers safely within the demo version too, remember.

Paytable details are important here

They're important for all the slots you play, of course, but since this is a new game, it's vital to begin your journey with the paytable underneath the game area.

Are there any bonus features in this festive game?

The blue diamond comes with a 2x multiplier if it appears once in a prize on the top panel. Find two diamonds there plus another paying symbol and the prize is worth 4x the usual amount.

We have yet to mention the Santa's Reel Wheel of the title, but we can do that now, as you must reach the upper panel of the game and receive a prize there to get a chance to play on the wheel. It's known as the Bonus Wheel though, so that's a slight twist on the title.

The Bonus Wheel will reveal something once you've spun it. It could be an instant prize, but alternatively, it might be a few free spins. The third option - and the best, arguably - is to get through to Santa's Mega Bonus Wheel. Yes, this has bigger potential, as the name suggests.

There are two potential outcomes if you reach it. There are free spins on offer once more, but you might also get through to something called the Fireworks Bonus. This sees another grid that you need to try and fill with fireworks. Depending on how you do, you'll get a multiplier that can go as high as 1,000x your triggering bet for the game.

Free spins from Santa's Reel Wheel

Do these play out the same as the base game? No - they launch you into action on the middle panel rather than the lower one. You only need to get one prize to reach the top panel, and that gives you a chance to try and trigger the bonus wheel as we explained above.

We saw no RTP information attached to the game

There will be return to player details, of course, but it appears that they might differ from one casino to the next.

Our rating for this festive slot from Spin Logic Gaming

This is a delight, although it doesn't feel like a regular slot game. It does have many features you'd associate with a standard slot though. It does pack in a lot more than other three-reel games, so for that reason alone we must go to a score of 8.5 out of 10.

The best prize looks to be inside the Fireworks Bonus

This makes sense given that the round is the trickiest one of all to reach. The best prize from that is 1,000x your wager, if you can manage to find all those fireworks.

Spot the demo to begin your journey

Santa's Reel Wheel is well worth a spin, and it's easier to do this if you can find the game's practice version to try first.

The real thing certainly adds to the festive celebrations

There is no guarantee of landing any prizes, as you may well guess, but if you're looking for a Christmas-themed slot to play this year, this game does fit the bill for an affordable title to check out.

Mobile gaming on Android or iOS

You can still spin the reels - or that wheel - if you want to switch over to a mobile device instead.