Bet Amount

If you are going to play a slot game with real money, you will need to spend some time considering how much you will bet before you get started. It is nice to spend time playing for fun first, but eventually you will need to make some decisions.

This is the best way to play though. You shouldn't play with cash before you've worked out the answers to the questions we've posed below.

How much is your budget?

How much are you willing to wager in one sitting? You should never bet without having an amount in mind, whether that is a mere five dollars or several hundred dollars. Remember the adage - never bet more than you can afford to lose. Slots are for fun, as well as giving you a chance to try and win prizes.

How long do you want to play for?

This is worth thinking about no matter how big or small your budget is. For instance, let's say you have a small $5 budget. If you decide to wager a dollar per spin on a game, you're only going to get five spins out of it. That means your experience could be over in seconds if you don't get lucky and win something.

In this instance, you'd be better wagering the smallest bet per spin. If that turns out to be, say, 10 cents, you'll get far more spins out of your five dollars than you would otherwise have done.

Does a lower bet exclude you from winning a possible jackpot?

This is an important element that doesn't factor into every slot game, but it can affect the outcome of some. Progressive jackpots are often open to every player in a game, no matter how much they bet on it. In some cases, the jackpot amount may vary depending on the amount you bet. You might win a percentage of the jackpot if you bet less than the maximum amount, for example.

But some games require you to make the maximum bet on a spin to qualify for a shot at the jackpot. If you encounter a game like this, it's often best to forego playing it to find a game that allows you a chance to win it even if you bet less. It means you get the best of all worlds, and that's always a good thing.