Are Some Slot Themes More Popular Than Others?

Most slot players would agree there are certain themes that tend to crop up a lot. There are thousands of slots available online now, so it would be surprising if there wasn't some overlap in the themes we see in use.

Similarly, there are some themes that are well-trodden, because slot game players tend to like them, and because they offer a lot of potential. We've chosen three of them to cover here.

Cleopatra and ancient Egypt

Cleopatra is an attractive character who pops up in lots of slot games. And since she is associated with ancient Egypt, it makes sense we would see pyramids, tombs, the Sphinx, and many other connected symbols in action in these games as well.

This theme offers great potential for bonus features as well. There are other characters that can appear in these games, not to mention the chance to enter the pyramids themselves.

Caesar and ancient Rome

Julius Caesar was the most famous ruler in ancient Rome. Rome itself is a popular setting for slots, and perhaps we can thank Caesar and his unfortunate end for part of that.

With such iconic buildings as the Coliseum and other sights in ancient Rome, these slots can deliver a larger-than-life feel in much the same way the Egyptian ones do. Caesar tends to appear as a wild or other special symbol as well, just as Cleopatra usually does in the Egyptian games.

The Mayan civilization

While there is no character associated with the Mayan civilization as in the examples given above, there is a chance to enjoy some drama that takes you back to Mayan times. You may still see people from that time involved in these games, not to mention certain iconic buildings on the reels.

Temples, houses, and other images appear a lot in these games. Yet again, there is lots of scope to add in relevant bonuses, and the stone-like element of many buildings comes into good use when considering the graphics to use as well.

Themes can be well-trodden, but they can also be very enjoyable. You might have a favorite theme, for example. Maybe it is one of the ones we've mentioned above. It could be something totally different. Whichever themes you like the most, we think it is clear there will always be room for new and familiar themes to be used alongside one another.