Are The Old Slots The Best?

This is a tricky question to answer - and that is exactly why we decided to pose it. Some people love the old slot games, and since you can still find lots of them available online, it is easier to play them than you might suppose.

But there are hundreds of new slot game releases every year, and each one tries to be better than the last. The standards are always rising, with each software developer trying to come up with something bigger, bolder, and better. So, where does this leave older slot games?

Older slots have had time to become much-loved classics

We've seen a few new slots become almost instant classics upon release. Think of the Rainbow Riches series of slots for example - the original could certainly be thought of in this way. A Night with Cleo is another slot game that has done very well from the moment it was released.

But there are much older titles that also do well, even today. Those that have been around for some time have been able to develop and reach a wider audience. Mega Moolah is hardly new, for example, but its huge progressive jackpot is enough to garner huge headlines, and to draw lots of people in to play, even today.

You won't get modern graphics or 3D features though

This is one exchange you must make if you want to enjoy older slot games. The older they are, the more basic they tend to look. This can mean they're not as fulfilling to play as newer games. It is a matter of opinion as to how important these elements are in a game. Maybe you prefer games with more bonuses and free spins than things like this.

It's a matter of taste

Sometimes, it can be down to the individual game as to whether you like an older slot or not. We've long had a soft spot for Count Spectacular, and there are some other games that have been around for several years that we still enjoy playing as well. Can you think of any tried and trusted slot games that fall into this category that you'd love to play? You probably can.

Equally, there are probably new games you love to play as well. It is certainly a matter of taste as to whether you prefer the old or the new, or a mix of both.