Cai Bling Slots

If you enjoy slots based on rich themes, you won't want to miss this one. Cai Bling is a mix of themes though, with more to offer because of it. It's a terrific addition to the suite of games from a certain developer we shall shortly name, too.

Whatever you're expecting to see, we guarantee this slot game has a few surprises involved along the way.

Another winner from a popular developer

Realtime Gaming has been behind some major slot game releases over recent years. We think they've got another one on their hands here too. RTG never lets us down and they haven't here either.

They've created a demo too

A demo slot is identical to a real one, except it offers no prizes. Anything 'won' is paid in demo credits that cannot be taken out of the game. That's fair enough. You're playing for knowledge rather than real cash.

Find out more about the Cai Bling theme

Can you guess what's involved here? Bling is a slang word for jewels or jewelry you'd wear. Cai has many meanings, but since one of those relates to prizes, we guess it's the most logical one here. The game offers plenty of riches on the reels too, and it's hard to ignore the Chinese theme here.

Backed by a superb design

This RTG slot pulls out all the stops to bring us a stunning design. The golden color scheme looks great, but there are plenty of other colors involved as well. You can also watch for familiar symbols that pop up in other Chinese-themed slots, including white cats and a fearsome dragon (although this one is useful).

How to play the Cai Bling online slot game

Once you have loaded the game, you'll see five reels on your screen. There are four progressive jackpots there too, positioned to the right of the fifth reel. Aside from those, there are three special symbols to look for as you play.

Two of these are wild, which certainly improves the odds of some wild prizes. The first one is a lucky white cat - you've likely seen something similar in other games. This is marked as a WILD, as is the green dragon - the other wild in the game.

We said there were three special icons and the third is the scatter. Labeled once again, this is a lotus flower, but it's the most expensive one we've ever seen. It has jewels all over it!

No paylines involved in Cai Bling

So, how can you find prizes? Simple - look for any matching icons (or wilds) going from left to right across the reels with no gaps. There are 243 ways to do this, all of which are included in this game.

Play from just eight cents a spin

Wow, this is an affordable game. When a game has 243 ways to find prize combos, we always play with a multiplier. So, you choose a coin worth between one and 50 cents here and multiply it by the lucky number eight. It means the betting range goes from eight cents to $4. Yep, this is a low roller slot.

Is it worth reading the paytable?

Definitely. There are many features to note in the Cai Bling slot game. This makes the paytable even more important than you'd assume.

Watch for those golden symbols too

Did you spot five golden symbols next to the first reel of the game? These have their own role to play. We won't spoil it, but the game puts them to good use and ramps up the action too.

Can you receive any free games during play?

Yes, and the typical scatter trigger is back in action here. A screenshot for Cai Bling reveals eight free games on offer, which sees the lucky number back in action too. That makes sense as we're dealing with an Asian-themed slot game.

RTP details

We'll keep this part short because the return to player percentage is rarely - if ever - released alongside RTG slot games.

This earns a good score from us

It's hard to dislike Cai Bling. It offers a wider range of features than many other slots. It looks terrific and plays well too. We're rating this one as nine out of 10.

Who might scoop a jackpot first?

And which of those four jackpots could it be? Everyone will hope to get the biggest of them all, but any of them would be welcome, wouldn't they?

Demo action is available in Cai Bling

And with numerous features to watch and experience along the way, this is a slot that is promising to try as a practice game before you decide whether to switch to…

Play for real for just eight cents

The betting range only reaches four dollars at most. So, many low budget players are going to get the chance to play Cai Bling for real. See what you think - you could be among them.

Cai Bling in mobile casinos

If your favorite RTG casino has a mobile site to visit, check out the touchscreen version of Cai Bling there too. Your login works across all devices, so use your iOS or Android tablet or smartphone to play Cai Bling on the go too.