Wheeltastic Opportunity

A golden wheel, divided into sections, with a red arrow pointing to the one it stops on. Welcome to Slotastic's Wheeltastic promotion, something we are going to talk about more here.

If you haven't signed up for this casino yet, we think it is about time you did. But check out what is involved with this wheel before you do.

What is the wheel about?

This is a wheel of chance, according to the information supplied on the home page of the casino. Every player can net up to six prizes every month, so this is an ongoing promotion you'll want to take part in whenever you can.

Spin now!

That is the invitation displayed on their home page. So, what happens if you do just that?

A new tab opened showing the wheel and a cute character in a hat standing next to it. There is a message in the top right of the screen telling us that the bonuses are going to be refreshed in the displayed number of days.

On the left of the screen, we see an invitation to spin now. We tried it and got a 150% bonus to play all available slots on the website. When the wheel stops and lands on a segment, the bonus in that segment appears on a small panel in the center of your screen. In that panel, there is a bonus code. You can select the clipboard to copy it or just copy it using the controls you would typically use.

What happens if you spin again?

You may land on a different deal, as we did. This one was also a deposit bonus, but this time it offered free spins on Penguin Power slots.

Since the Wheeltastic offer allowed us to spin several times, we guess you can spin as often as you like. The limit is on getting six bonuses every month, so once you have exhausted your six offers, you must wait for the wheel to refresh with more of them.

This adds a new twist to the idea of casino bonuses

We love this wheel! We have seen similar wheel-based bonuses at other casinos, but this is the first leading casino we have spotted doing this. Will it be the first of many, though? We will be watching to find out whether that is the case. Until then, let's all get spinning at Slotastic Casino.