What Makes A Favorite Slot?

Chances are, you have one or two slot games you always go back to. We all have our favorites, don't we? But have you ever thought about why certain games are your favorites?

We thought we'd delve into that topic now, so you can see whether your reasons for choosing a game to play are the same as ours.

An exciting theme

Slot games use all sorts of themes. You might go to Aztec times, or into outer space, or even into a lab to meet a professor. You can meet cats, dogs, and wild animals, or go up against dragons and dinosaurs. You might encounter aliens or monsters, or vampires and ghosts.

Themes come in many varieties, but the execution of a good theme is a vital component of all slots. It forms the backbone of the game, and everything else is based around this.

Plenty of winning chances

Well, we're playing to try and win prizes, aren't we? So, it would make sense to find a slot game that is a lot of fun to play and offers lots of opportunities to win prizes. Most of us are aware it is easier to win smaller prizes than bigger ones, but there should be plenty of both on offer.

We also like to see a progressive jackpot in there if possible. Our favorite games have progressive jackpots triggered at random after any spin, no matter how much or little you have wagered. That means everyone stands a chance of winning it.

Different bonuses and features

Not all slot games have bonuses, but those that do offer something extra to look for. They are enjoyable too, since you never know when you might win something. Perhaps you will unlock some free spins, or multipliers, or cascading wins, or a second screen bonus… you get the idea.

The more additional features a slot game includes, the easier it is to play for longer as well. If the game didn't feature any bonuses, you know the base game is all you will get to play. But when bonuses are added, you know there is always a chance to trigger one or more of them on a spin.

Think about your favorite slots and why you have chosen them as your favorites. What is it about them that you love? If you want to find more favorites, look for games with those same elements too.