Why You Should Look Beyond The Welcome Bonus

If you land on a casino website you haven't seen before, what do you do first? Maybe you look to see which games they can offer you, not to mention seeing whether they offer download or instant play options. But we suspect one of the most important things for you is to see what the welcome bonus looks like.

You're not alone in this. A welcome bonus is designed to get you through the doors of that casino as a new member. It means you get a tidy bonus to add to whatever you deposit to get started. You might even get bonuses on subsequent deposits as well.

But we think it is important to make sure you look beyond the bonus as well. Here's why.

The best casinos offer ongoing bonuses and promotions

Have you ever visited an online casino and seen a great welcome deal, only to find that is all they offer by way of bonuses? This does happen. However, there are lots of casinos out there that offer ongoing bonuses too. Whenever you visit, you'll find daily, weekly, and monthly promotions and bonuses to claim.

This is great because it enhances your membership and means there is always another bonus to take advantage of. Who wouldn't want that?

You might find plenty of tournaments to enter as well

Tournaments are another feature of several online casinos, but again, you cannot count on them being present. It is easy to assume casinos will deliver all these additional features when you first land on their sites and see the welcome deals on offer.

But don't take them for granted - always check to see what is offered to you before you join. There is much to be said for comparing casinos.

Plenty of casinos offer loyalty programs too

A loyalty program kicks in from the moment you sign up to a casino (in most cases). It means you will earn points every time you make a bet, and those points add up in your account.

You can sometimes move through different levels of the program, or cash in your points for gifts or free spins - it depends on the site.

You can see that the welcome bonus is just the beginning. The most important thing is to find out if there is a lot more on offer once you've claimed that bonus. If so, you may have found the ideal casino.