Specialty Casino Games

Whenever you visit an online casino, you will be met with a selection of casino games you can play. There are lots of slot games, of course, but you will also find numerous table games and poker variants to try out.

Alongside these, you will often see a section labeled specialty games. We thought we'd look at what you might find in this section.

These games don't readily fit into any other category

You will typically find some different games in the specialty area. For example, you might spot scratch cards that are quick and easy to play. You might also encounter keno, which is a similar game to bingo… and we will come to that shortly. Other games you might see in a casino often appear here as well - ones that don't readily fit the table games or poker variations.

Bingo anyone?

Yes, you can find bingo games in some casinos too. Even when the focus is on table games, poker, and slots, you can still usually find lots of other things to play in the specialty section.

Some sites only offer a basic bingo game, whereas others might offer different versions of it. These traditionally use different quantities of balls, i.e. 90-ball bingo and 75-ball bingo.

They're ideal if you want to try something different

Even if you are a huge lover of slot games, there are times when you just fancy a change. If you ever feel like this, the specialty section can be a good place to go, especially if you're not keen on table games. Since it often includes those scratch cards (or pokies, as they're known in Australia), you can usually find a quick and easy game to try as well. They even work in the same way scratch cards do when you pick them up. You use your cursor to scratch off the 'foil' to reveal what is underneath.

You can see that specialty casino games are a great way to balance out the other games provided in many online casinos. If you have ever tried your luck with the main games, you might well know the feeling that you have played all the best titles.

Well, if you head for the specialty games, you might find one or two new favorites there you hadn't tried before. Wouldn't that be a good find to make, especially if you win something as well?