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Yes, we know, we know, all you really need is a 3 reel slot game with some diamonds, a couple of bar symbols, and some 7s to play on a slot machine game, but where's the fun in that? 3 reel slots are old school and sure they have their beloved fans, but that type of boring ringing and nostalgia is all over. The 5 reel slot is one of the most impressive and versatile slot gaming structures available across the web. It has also become the forerunner as the most popular sort of slot available across the internet. This is due to its potential of great customization and layout. 5 reel slots appear across the internet as 2D, 3D, interactive, and video versions that take the gaming to all new levels that were previously impossible with the same old jazzy 3 reel game. The future is here and thanks to the internet 5 reel slots has proved to be a powerful contributor to virtual casinos on the web and off. Ditch your grandfather's boardwalk slot and pick up something fresh!

Slotastic Slots

Here at Slotastic Slots we offer a multitude of slot games across many genres and classifications. One of the most popular of course, is the 5 reel slot. Our lists of 5 reel slots will keep you entertained whether you're looking for a comedic slot like Food Fight, adventure slots, historical themed slots, or even classic nostalgic slots with casino feels.

Food Fight Slots

One of the premier 5 reel 25 pay line slots at Slotastic is Food Fight Slots. With a bit of nostalgia, this slot brings you back to your middle school cafeteria where a constant cold war occurred between the classes. It awaited that sudden spark to unleash complete destruction. Mutually assured destruction the older kids called it; if one piece of pizza was tossed or even a handful of spaghetti it was known that the entire cafeteria would be destroyed with the lunches of the students! Food Fight Slots offers a complete assortment of tasty foods to spin through like pizza, hamburgers, pies, ice-cream, and who could ever forget the aerial bomb that was the tomato?

This fun filled game is just one of many 5 reel slots that Slotastic offers. Don't miss out on the best hits on the internet!

5 Reel Slots

5 reel slots are the present and the future of online slot games. With hundreds if not thousands available, it is obviously the choice of the players. Slotastic Slots offers the newest and greatest 5 reel slots for those looking for more with their slot game. A jackpot and some adventure awaits you!