Field of Green Slots

Fan of some great and quality themed slots? What about some real American football for today? RTG makes it possible to enjoy the true spirit of one of Americans’ favorite sport games just from any place in the world. Join the perfect experience of Field of Green slots not only for the perfect gaming experience but also for some hot wins. All the themed characters and symbols are part of the great world of sports, passionate players and amazing spirit you are about to experience. In addition you will be surprised by just how many gaming options you will be having here. Above all this slot will keep you excited and so motivated throughout all of your gaming experience by treating you with seas of bonuses and extra wining opportunities. Plus the brightest ever progressive jackpot which is triggered randomly and you have all the chances to become the lucky owner of the next one which is growing with each player!

Theme and Symbols

As you could have guesses the brilliant Field of Green slots deal with the topic of American football. And appropriate themed symbols are used in this slot including whistles, cheerleaders, helmets, pigskins, foam fingers, as well as abstract numbers and letters of the alphabet to pass you all the great excitement and perfect gaming spirit. You will also enjoy the great sound effects that were selected by the bright developers to make your new great experience just as perfect as you could have expected.


Let us start from the most important point of the entire game play of Field of Green slots which is insanely easy. The developers keep it as easy and convenient as possible at all times. In addition with this brilliant slot you will have the opportunity to have the great test drive before you decide to get in with the game for real money. You can enjoy all the great features and have the full experience before you make your first bet. Field of Green slot is a 5 reels and 20 payline game which offers great and the most flexible betting opportunities. You can decide to play on different coin sizes starting from $ 0.01, $ 0.02, $ 0.05, $ 0.1, $ 0.25, $ 0.5, $ 1, and to up to $ 5.00. You can bet 20 at most, and win your money with the help of 26 different winning combinations out there! In addition you of course have the autospin option here for you. To make your gaming experience as perfect and convenient as possible you are welcome to decide and control the number and amount of spins you wish to have in advance and enjoy the process without having the need to spin the reels each time manually.


Field of Green slots have loads of extra win opportunities for you. First of all you have the great Wild symbol which is there to provide a double multiplication of your winnings. In addition you have some amazing scatters which do their usual job of awarding some sweet free games. In this case your sweet scatter will give you randomly up to 25 free spins of the reels. Make sure you keep an eye on the amounts that you are going to win during your free spins as they may grow even faster than you think.


With the Field of Dreams slot game you have the chance for any stake amount to be awarded to you as you spin the single base game. You have the great chance of hitting a random progressive jackpot at any point. To keep you motivated throughout the game your shiny screen will be showing you the value of that jackpot at all times and you will have the chance to hit it at any point. So get ready for some great experience here and give it a go!