Hairway To Heaven Slots

You should immediately recognize the play on words with this magical slot that centers on the theme of the long-haired maven, Rapunzel. Imprisoned in her high tower, this unlucky lass grew hair so long that tales were told about about throughout all the land. Real Time Gaming brings you this 5 reel, 50 payline whale to see the stuff you’re made of; it’s a fairy tale slot, and has all manner of positive vibes once you sign up and download the software that’s required to play for real money. These cool vibes are brought about by the Expanding Wilds that substitute for multiple symbols on the reels to help you complete a winning payline, as well as the Pick-Em Bonus and Free Spins scattered throughout the game.

For more about the theme, your quest is to march up the Hairway to Heaven to save the lovely Rapunzel, who has been imprisoned there by a jealous queen’s husband - at her direction, of course. However, there are no steps to this massive tower, which is why Rapunzel let her hair grow so long to let it reach all the way down to the ground - this is what you use to climb. Along the way, you spin the reels and use the symbols to pick up some cash and prizes. You, the Prince, are the Scatter symbol, and this is capable of triggering the Pick ‘Em Bonus and the Free Spins feature of you get at least three of him on the reels. For more of the possible combinations that could lead to a special win, see the game’s pay table.

Before we leave you with more news of other great slots at this casino, you should know that Hairway to Heaven is a Progressive Slot. This means that there’s the potential to win a huge amount of money as the total prize rises with the number of players who take a shot at the game. You can play the free version, but you won’t be able to collect any winnings - so do the latter at your risk.