Hillbillies Slots

When most people first hear the word “hillbillies”, their first thoughts are probably not all that flattering. Truth be told, it goes a lot deeper than that; these are some of the richest folks on the planet. Back during the Gold rush days, it was hillbillies who reaped most of the riches, given that their land often sat beside rivers with countless gold particles. Hillbillies Slots aims to capture this time, with snaggle-toothed, uncultured representations of old family wealth on the farmland.

The main characters are family patriarch, Jed Clampett, his darling wife Elly-May and the little rugrats Jethro and Elly-May II. The slot, itself, possesses 5 reels and 20 paylines. The various symbol combinations that are possible lead to different prizes and game situations that you can take advantage of. For example, if Elly-May II, Jethro and the Grandfather appear on the reels in combinations of at least two, then 8 Free Games will come out of nowhere just for you! If you obtain the Scatter symbol you can get Multipliers - depending on how many Scatters you get, of course.

This is a fun game, in which you live through the Jed Clan to scour the hills for Black Gold, Texas Tea, or any of the myriad of names for oil. There’s also Moonshine on the board, which completes the scenery - after all, what do you think feverish gold hunters did at night after a full day of panning for the treasures that would change their lives? Drank, and drank some more. It’s sure put you in high spirits - pun intended.

The wagering amount in Hillbillies Slot ranges from $0.01 to a cool $5.00. This helps you manage the amount you spend and win, in a way, since you can choose a lower amount and play all the paylines to improve the probability you win a lot. The banjo-infused background theme helps you keep engaged in the game. The most you can win by playing all the lines is a huge 40,000 times your bet on each line. Maybe you can become a rich hillbilly yourself!