Incan Goddess Slots

One of the wealthiest civilizations that ever existed, the Incas had so much gold that they could afford to trade bullion of it for mundane items. Perhaps it is fitting, then, that they should have a slot named after their mythology. Incan Goddess Slots has 5 reels and 20 paylines filled with symbols that could lead to riches for you if you’re in a gaming mood. There are plenty of symbols on the board that could lead to good things - but the Incan Temples are a definite head and shoulders above the rest. Three of them on a payline leads to 12 Extra Casino games, with the added benefit of any and all prizes won during these Free sessions being doubled.

As you use up your Free spins, the Incan Deity just might show up and double your prize wins yet again. Hit a lucky streak of 5 of the same symbols of any kind and you get a Free Gamble Feature, as well a chance to double up your win if you choose the right color of the presented red and black. Don’t worry though; choosing the wrong color in this bonus round merely presents you with the original prize - undoubled. It’s easy to go on a healthy winning streak with Incan Goddess Slots.

If you play your options right and have a bit of luck, you’re in line to see why the Incan civilization worshipped the sun and the element gold so much. They both deliver light and life - the kind of life that only financial liberation can produce. To this end, the maximum payout in Incan Goddess Slot, which can be yours only if you play all the paylines, is an impressive 5000 times your original bet. Use the Free games and Multipliers to your advantage - play for real money today