Rain Dance Slots

Rain Dance slots by RTG offer you a great story of Red Indians you may want to get involved in. The story is about dry and arid lands which have seen no rain for a very long time. You can help them to have a wonderful land by making it rain in there. And once you are successful in your important mission you will have loads of opportunities and great rewards from the Chief. You can also join in for some exotic rain dances to help the locals bring the rain to the empty lands. While the lands are still dry and empty a nice great rain will help you discover the great generous potential and loads of opportunities they have been hiding for years. In addition to the great story that you are about to experience, you are also invited to feel the great amount of bonuses and crazy jackpots coming to your way as you enjoy your great new experience. And of course on your way you are going to be meeting great themed and high quality symbols each of which has loads to offer. So get into the mood of some interesting adventures and of course high payouts and join the game now!

Symbols and Payouts

As promised, on your way to great payouts you are going to meet many great and rewarding symbols which perfectly match the theme. Now add the great quality of the game and the amazing sound effects! This perfect gaming experience also features some great bonus symbols like Scattered Coyotes which not only can award you big instant wins which come with multipliers but will also get you bunch of free games full of excitement. Depending how much you decide to bet and how many of these great symbols you are going to land on your active lines you can be awarded different number yet similarly generous multipliers and great free spins. Then you have the best wild symbol of this game which is the Chief. This is one of the most generous symbols of the game as not only it will get you extra win opportunities as it goes ahead and subsidizes for other symbols, but will also make the amounts of your sweets wins even higher!


In order to enjoy your new great themed slot experience all you need to do is to decide on the bet amount and press the start button. Your new great experience is a 5 reels and 20 pay lines slot game which comes with the best payouts and incredible opportunities. As to your bet options here you have all the great flexibility you may be asking for. You can bet from as little as just 0.01 coins to up to 5 coins on each spin. Choose to play from one to as many lines as you may wish and the more you bet the higher wins you are going to be aiming at. In addition, in order for you to fully enjoy your new adventures, this slot game also enabled the opportunity to use the auto spin option. Due to this great opportunity you can set several spins in advance, of course setting your preferred amount for each spin as well, and give it a go at once. During this great rewarding show you will only need to watch the magic happening for you while you are relaxing on your seat. Above all, the game is available to play not only on your desktop but also on any smart device. This means even more gaming options and convenience for you!


In addition to the rewarding quality and generous symbols of the game and all the great payouts they promise, you are also invited to aim on the greatest top progressive jackpot which is possible to hit randomly. At any point of your game you can be surprised by some great amount of cash that has all the chances to come to your way. And of course, the best part in this opportunity remains the fact that the amount of the sweet jackpot keeps increasing all the time.