Run Rabbit Run Slots

Have you heard of the Run Rabbit Run slot game yet? If that's a new title to you, don't worry because we have played it and brought you all the facts you want right here. Get ready to try it for a while… but not before reading what we can share with you in our latest review.

Developer details for the Run Rabbit Run slot game

This one is another release from Spin Logic. They have quite the back catalog of slots to dive into as well.

Demo access for this game

We're happy to tell you that you can try it first if you want to, which does make sense if you're new to the title.

Exploring the theme

Run Rabbit Run does, of course, feature some rabbits, hence the title. However, it appears we are heading onto a farm as well. Rabbits can cause problems with their sheer numbers, and it looks as if that might be true here as well.

What did we make of the design?

You should expect 2D graphics for this one, with nothing too complex to look at along the way. While the creator has come up with many more detailed games than this, we think it works on this occasion.

How to play the Run Rabbit Run slot game

Let's begin by revealing the two progressive jackpots up for grabs for those choosing to play this one for real. The Minor and Major jackpot amounts appear on top of the reels, so you can check out the current values there whenever you wish.

There are five reels in this game, with three symbols landing per reel with each go. Mr Rabbit appears on one symbol holding a carrot, and he is the substitute. He replaces everything except the scattered symbol featuring the Carrot Farm sign. If he appears in a spin along with his wife, Mrs Rabbit, you may benefit from two more wilds appearing on the same reel Mr Rabbit is on. This isn't guaranteed but it's nice if it does happen.

Available paylines in Run Rabbit Run slots

They've gone for fixed lines here, and there are 25 of them for you to cover.

How much does it cost to play this game?

The betting range goes from 25 cents to $25, so it remains at the lower end of the betting stakes for most players. Some high rollers may find it a little cheap in this respect, but most people should find something in there to settle on if they're playing for real.

Where is the paytable?

Full details of and rules for the game appear if you select the info button. This is located to the left of the panel under the game, where the controls are.

Bonus features in Run Rabbit Run

There are none here… but there is an amusing feature that appears prior to the free games, as you'll learn below.

How can you get some free spins in this slot game?

Your first task is to find three or more scatters in one spin. These bear the Carrot Farm sign, and each scatter earns you a rabbit. Those rabbits will then get the chance to cross the road to go into the Carrot Farm. Their success or failure helps determine how many spins you'll receive in the feature.

If none get there, the minimum of five free games is granted. If you manage to get one, two, three, four, or five rabbits across the road, you'll earn some free spins for each one. The best you can do is to land the feature with five scatters, hence you get five rabbits, and for them all to make it across. If this happens, you get 100 spins.

Any rabbits that successfully cross could pick up a Bonus Carrot while doing so. You might get one, two, or three carrots, with bonus features connected to each. These cover multipliers, more wild symbols, and the chance of more free spins. If you get a retrigger during your spins, you get another five added to your total.

RTP details

These are unavailable at the time of writing.

What did we make of the Run Rabbit Run slot game?

This is superb to play, and if you get to the free spin round, it gets even more e

ntertaining. We are giving this one nine points out of 10 for everything it can offer.

How big could the jackpots become?

It depends on how many people play the slot and when they trigger. It looks as if they are randomly triggered, so who knows how high they might go?

Play for entertainment with the rabbits today

We like being able to take a new game for a practice spin, and we can certainly do that with this slot game.

Play for real if you love the theme

There is a lot to like about this slot, for sure. All casinos offering Spin Logic slots to play will surely have this one in their collection as well.

Can you find the rabbits on mobile devices as well?

Yes, you can, so if you prefer to play on Android or iOS devices, you can find your favorite casino and the new Run Rabbit Run slot there as well.