Shelltastic Wins Slots

Shelltastic Wins Slots

It's not too tricky to figure out the idea behind a slot game called Shelltastic Wins. The 'wins' part is obvious enough, but the Shelltastic portion of the title doesn't exactly create much mystery either, does it? Not to worry, though - we are going to guide you through the game, and you'll soon know whether you fancy trying it.

Developer info to begin our review

We can tell you that the game belongs to the collection that comes from Realtime Gaming (RTG).

Try a practice spin or two on Shelltastic Wins

There is a practice version available, complete with demo coins to use inside the game. Make sure you begin with this, as it gives you a better sense of what to expect.

Setting sail to the high seas in this theme

Shells were always going to feature in a slot with this title, but they're not the only items you'll find in the game. It is certainly a seafaring one, as you'll find out.

Shelltastic Wins has a shelltastically good design too

We think we may have invented another word… but it seems right for this slot, wouldn't you say? The game does feature plenty of shells, but you might also see pearls inside some of them - the clam shells, of course. Watch out for the puffer fish too.

Here's what to expect when you begin your stint on Shelltastic Wins

The slot has six reels instead of the usual five, which is cool to see. There are five icons per reel as well. One thing we didn't spot here was a progressive jackpot.

Don't spend time looking for a wild symbol as the game does not offer one. It does, however, have the puffer fish in the role of the scatter. You can also search for the clam shell if you manage to unlock the free spins. We'll explain more about those in a moment.

Paylines are replaced by a 'pays any' model

How do you get prizes in this slot game? Don't confuse this with the cluster pays idea, as you don't need to create clusters to get prizes in this one. Instead, you'll need to find enough matching symbols to get the associated prize. It doesn't matter where they land or even if they're anywhere near each other to count.

Betting options for Shelltastic Wins

As always, you can expect to see a range of options to look at in this game. This is another smart reason why you might want to try the demo game first. It means you can see what you make of the game and to find out whether you like the affordable options.

Paytable information is good to start with

This makes sense to check on first, as it gives you all the rules and the prize amounts for each quantity of symbols you find. You'll see what all the icons look like too - it's a smart game with a great appearance, we believe.

Bonus elements to look out for

Fancy finding some Cascading Wins on the reels? If you get a winning combo anywhere in view, you'll receive your prize before watching those symbols disappear. Everything above drops to fill the gaps while allowing new symbols to fill their vacated positions. If this should bring you another prize, that will be paid before triggering the same process again. Only when you get a losing cascade do you return to the next paid spin.

You can also search for some free spins in this game

Four puffer fish will be quite useful here, as they'll trigger 10 free spins to play. Clam shells come into action here, and whenever they do, they show a multiplier symbol of at least 2x and perhaps as much as 100x.

These come into play when you receive a prize and trigger the Cascading Wins bonus element to occur, as we explained above. When the cascading element finishes, you'll get your prize… but instead of receiving the basic prize, the total of all the clam shell multipliers will be applied to it. We triggered this and we can say that the potential is incredible. Even if you don't get the biggest multiplier, you can still get a much bigger prize than you would otherwise have done.

RTP info not provided

This is no surprise with Realtime Gaming at the helm for this game.

Is the Shelltastic Wins slot really shelltastic to play?

Absolutely - it's got some familiar elements coupled with unusual ones, and together, they do provide you with an entertaining game that's surely an 8/10 effort. Watch for those multipliers as they can transform what would otherwise be a standard free spin round.

Look out for the maximum 50,000x prize

RTG confirms that this is the most you can get from your bet, so we guess that could potentially happen on one spin if you got those multipliers going in your favor.

The demo allows you to experience it first with no risk

This might be all you want to do, as Shelltastic Wins certainly offers a huge degree of entertainment value. It also acts as a test run before betting for real.

Play for real at your favorite casino

Plenty of them offer this slot to try, so if you fancy the real version, you should know where you can go to play it.

Shelltastic Wins is also available on mobile

It is, and it's just as cool to play on a much smaller screen.