The Shark Slots

Who’s into deep waters and fun sharks? Here something great to try out for you! RTG gives you some great opportunities with the Shark slot game which is all about the ocean, underwater treasures and the fun sharks as they are the main characters of the game. In addition to great and entertaining theme of the game there is also some real cash involved here. While enjoying your colourful and fun experience you will also keep getting wonderful rewards and treated with endless bonuses and jackpots! You will meet all the nice bonus and gaming features and will have the chance of making the most use of the wonderful symbols of the game which are also all about underwater and fun! As expected, you will have the great chance of enjoying this game with no extra efforts or complications. It all is made for fun and for your great convenience and not least important- with amazing quality and top design. So join in and start enjoying!

Theme and Symbols

Your great underwater experience starts with amazing background and nicely chosen colors of the slot game which is completed by greatest sound effects and the most typical symbols. As promised you are about to experience a real ocean-themed slot game that is set on the ocean floor. The main symbol of the game is of course the Shark symbol as well as other aquatic creatures such as an Octopus, Pearl Shell, Seahorse, Starfish, Fish and Jellyfish. There is also a Scattered Treasure Chest symbol. The symbols come with great payouts once you manage to land them in winning combinations. In addition you also have some of the most special and even more generous bonus symbols which are there to trigger bonus games for you and get you some sweet extra payouts.


The game comes with amazing 5 reels and 9 pay lines all of which you will definitely want to try out. There are loads of opportunities here for you that all are triggered as you join and start your first spin. In order to start your new experience you will solely need to decide on the amount you wish to bet on a spin. Here you have all the amazing options including a low stake bet amount which can be worth just $0.01 to all the way to $100 per spin. Of course if you wish to be aiming at the highest payouts and prizes of this game you may wish to keep your bets at the maximum amount. While in case you decide to take it slower you can always be sure that you will still have some great payouts in any case. Whatever you decide you always have some amazing amounts to look forward to. So good luck!

Payouts and Bonuses

The wonderful symbols of the game come with amazing payouts all of which are easy to hit. In case you land them in winning combinations you will start experiencing the sweet wins of the game. You may wish to definitely land some nice Seahorse symbols which will get you the top fixed jackpot on The Shark slot game as 5 of them will pay out 1225 coins. They you should keep an eye on those cute Jellyfish symbols is another great opportunity for you as it will pay you up to 900 coins. In case you hit 3 Shark symbols anywhere on the reels of the game, you will trigger The Shark bonus round. This is a great one where the dealer will have a card and you must guess whether the next card will be higher or lower. The bonus game will keep playing until you lose or you have won three times. Here you can win up to 2700 coins! There is another opportunity here for you when you hit 3 Treasure Chest symbols anywhere on the reels. In this case you will win a scatter bonus which will be relative to your total bet amount. The top win here for you can be worth up to 495 coins!


The game also features a shark power progressive jackpot which is possible for you to hit in case you land 5 Starfish symbols on your active payline. The sweet amount of this jackpot keeps increasing all the time and it can be worth thousands of dollars! You can hit it any time during your game so keep an eye on the great rewarding symbols and give it a go. Good luck!