Bulls and Bears Slots

Bulls and Bears Slots
Time to experience some real farming spirit! RTG will get you the great opportunity to become the rich and lucky farm owner who sells and buys animals while trading successfully with agents and earning lot of money as a result. You can become the owner of all kinds of farm animals and decide on the trading conditions while being rewarded for successful sales. You will experience the great featured symbols and many animal characters which are there to also become very rewarding as you play on and land them in a winning combination. In addition, you have loads of serious bonuses and of course some of the most exciting jackpots which are growing all the time. You have all the great chances to hit all of these great opportunities and all you need to do for that is simply keep spinning the great reels!

Symbols and Payouts

As you could have expected all the great symbols of the game feature the farm animals, you as the farm owner are going to deal with. You will be introduced to your animals living in the farm in addition to Boat, Safe, Banknotes and Gold Bar symbols. These great symbols are there not to only pass you the great atmosphere of the theme of the slot game but to also reward you with loads of opportunities and generous payouts as you land them in a winning combination. Depending on how much you bet and how many of the great symbols you manage to land on your reels, the amount of your sweet payouts will differ while all of them will remain great and rewarding at all times.


In addition to your simple symbols you also have something sweet coming up to you in the form of your sweet wild and scattered symbols. Your wild symbols are the Bulls and Bears which are there to stand for any missing symbol in a winning combination and ensure even a higher payout for you! And make sure you look for your great scattered symbol as well which has the greatest power of rewarding you with loads of free spins and great higher payouts than ever. The free spins can be triggered once you land 3 of your scattered symbols of the Chart. You should also know that the wins which are hit during the free games will be even higher so your scattered symbols are undoubtedly going to become your most favourite ones in the game.


You are about to experience an amazing slot game of 5 reels and 25 pay lines! Playing the game remains simple and easy yet always flexible and fun. Simply decide on the amount you wish to play and give it a go from there. The minimum you can bet in this great game is $0.01 while the maximum amount per spin is $5. In addition, you can decide to play on all the available lines at the same time making the amount of your bet the total maximum and aim on the top payouts of the game. Above all in order to get you the greatest flexibility and a convenient gaming experience you are offered to use the great feature of auto spin. This can be very useful for you as you may wish to save time and efforts in spinning the reels each time manually. With the great feature you are invited to decide on the number and amount of the spins and give it a go from here at once.


One more great opportunity in this game for you! In fact 2! The game offers you to enjoy 2 different types of progressive jackpots. In order to be able to hit these sweet amounts one of which is major while the other one is minor, you will only need to play and enjoy as before. No special combinations, no exact time and no other requirement. Simply keep betting and enjoying while at some point you may be chosen as the lucky winner of the sweet and constantly growing amounts!