Cash Bandits 3 Slots

The Cash Bandits are back in this installment of the series, the third outing for them… so are they any closer to reaching the spoils in the vault? There is plenty to get through here, so check out the facts in our Cash Bandits 3 slot review.

You can expect a familiar arrangement of reels and lines

There are five reels to start spinning, with 25 possible lines to land some prizes on.

Betting options for the third installment of the game

This time, you’ve got coins ranging from a cent to a dollar. You can therefore wager as little as a quarter or as much as $25 on each spin.

Discover the best icons to find in Cash Bandits 3

The wild is shown as one of the bandits. You can also search for the game logo during play, as this behaves as a scatter symbol.

Is there another chance to access the famous Vault?

There is, and the potential is bigger than ever this time. There are three logos to find first, and these will produce five free games and a 2x multiplier to begin with. You then need to try and crack the codes on one or more of the safes.

Each safe contains some free games and another multiplier. If you access a safe, you’ll add whatever is inside it to your starting total. If you were to open every safe, you would score an amazing 390 free games. The biggest total multiplier would be 23x too, so that all adds up to a lot of potential if you can crack those codes.

Cash Bandits 3 is a great sequel to the original two games

Can the contents of this vault get any better? The potential has increased still further with this episode of the game, as you’ll know if you have already tried the first two games. If you’re ready to check out the possibilities in this game, load the demo first and you can see where it takes you. You might well notice the graphics are better than ever too, so it’s not just about finding the best bonus round in Cash Bandits 3.