Epic Holiday Party Slots

Epic Holiday Party Slots

We've all seen plenty of Christmas-themed slot games, right? You may have seen one or two based around New Year too. How about a game that manages to put both those together? It's a sensible choice as they are just one week apart and form the entire holiday season at the end of each year. That gives you some clues to what you might spot in the Epic Holiday Party slot game we're going to check out for you here. Are you ready to head to a party?

Which developer created the slot?

The name Realtime Gaming is behind this one, so you can thank RTG for getting the idea to roll those two celebrations together to see what happens.

Attend the demo party first

Yep, the game comes with a demo, just as you thought it would… as all RTG games, at least the modern ones, do have practice versions to check out.

Anything more to know about the theme?

The game focuses on those two times of the year that occur one after the other. Putting both into the same slot might be daring but it works beautifully. There is a festive feel about it but a celebratory one for New Year too.

Does the design match up to the demand of those two themes?

It does, yes, with a whole palette of bright colors coming into play. It's hard not to like this one, honestly. They've managed to give this one a party feel rather than a overtly festive feel, which works a lot better given the topic.

Play this party slot today - here's how

Loading the game reveals five reels, each with three symbols stopping in view after every spin. There is a lot more crammed onto the screen though. The fifth reel is next to four progressive jackpots, while the first reel is next to images of four people. You'll see those on the reels too, but we'll explain more about those in a moment.

The game is big in another way as there are two substitute symbols to watch for. A bag of gold is the first one, appearing over the middle three reels of the game. A snow globe completes the set as the other wild. This one can only turn up on the middle reel, but when it does, it can carry a multiplier to boost any prize it helps you snag. Finally, we have a scatter in the shape of a glorious Christmas tree.

Zero paylines in Epic Holiday Party slots

That's right - they've given us the way win format instead, which means the 5 x 3 has 243 combinations you can get a prize for.

Bets involved in Epic Holiday Party

There is a lot to take in here, and much of it relates to those jackpot chances. The base bet, the cheapest one you can spin with, is eight cents. This doesn't include any chances to net a jackpot though. If you want to play for those, you need to work out how many you want to play for. This is where those four characters come in. Selecting each one raises the bet, with the higher ones in that column opening more jackpot potential.

To get a better idea of how this works and how it could affect the amount you bet on each spin, open the demo version of Epic Holiday Party, and work out a few sample wagers. You can then see what you'd like to play for and how much it would cost.

Don't miss the paytable

Not only does it tell you more about the bets and jackpots, it also reveals what all the symbols look like and how much you might get in prizes from each one.

What about bonuses for this slot game?

There are no bonus opportunities here.

Can you net any free spins?

Yep, and you need some Christmas tree scatters to make them happen. You need just three or more to score 12 free spins in this game. Information we've gleaned about the game also reveals that wilds tend to turn up more often during these spins. This means the odds of receiving prizes may well improve.

RTP details are sketchy

We know that many RTG slots tend to sit at around the 95% mark, so we suspect this one might fall into line there too. However, the software developer does not release this info with any of their games, so bear that in mind.

Our rating: Do we like this party?

Parties can be a thrill or a disappointment. However, we think this Epic Holiday Party does live up to the epic name. We'll give it 7.5/10 as the progressives aren't open for everyone to try for - you need to pay more to get that privilege. However, it does send the jackpots higher.

Watch for some jackpot winners

Who knows when the first few winners might emerge while playing this game? We hope one might be you, but we're curious to see whoever could net one of those prizes.

Try the demo to get underway

This is the safest way to see what you think of the game and to see whether you like the approach they've taken. Experiment with the demo balance to get a better idea of how to play.

Check out the real party vibe from your computer

If you like the betting stakes and you can find something suitable there, make sure you sign up to an RTG casino to play the real version of Epic Holiday Party whenever you're ready.

Mobile access also supplied

Yes, you can play at this party on Android and iOS among others.