Miami Jackpots Slots

We can guess where we are heading to play this game, given the Miami part of the title. But what else is going to be involved in this slot game? We can also guess at some jackpots, but who knows whether that part will ring true?

Fortunately, we can bring you plenty of answers here now. We’ve tried the game and we’re happy to say we can report back to you here with all the facts we’ve gleaned from it. If you’re ready to play, wait a while until you’ve read this review before you do so.

Who created the game?

This is another superb title release to come from Realtime Gaming. You’ll see the RTG initials in many cases when referring to the game too.

We guessed it would come with a demo

As all reliable RTG slot games do… and we heartily approve of that fact. It means you can review the game, try it for a while, and not spend a single cent doing so. Safety first, right? You want to know you’re playing a game you’ll enjoy.

How does the Miami theme pan out?

We do head for Miami in this slot game, but it gets a little more specific than that. It takes us to the beach, so you can expect all the usual features and imagery to crop up along those lines.

Does the game have a promising design?

If you like neon slots, this is the one for you. There are dot matrix elements, neon symbols, and a series of women all dressed for the beach. Nothing too unusual here, yet it does look very nice.

Getting underway: Play the Miami Jackpots slot today

You’re going to play a five-reel game here. All the jackpot amounts – and there are several – are positioned on the left of your screen. You need to get between three and nine jackpot symbols to get the amount related to that number on the screen.

Aside from the jackpot symbol, you’ve also got the usual wild and scatter symbols. The first says WILD and the second says MIAMI. The wild acts as you would expect it to, while the scatter can appear over the middle three reels of the game.

Payline potential in Miami Jackpots

You’ve got a decent collection of 20 lines to bet on in this game.

Place your wagers

You can sort out your bet before you begin, of course, and this game comes to you with a minimum one-cent wager per line.

Paytable details

Don’t miss this as it gives you details on the symbols in action, how much they’re worth, and what to expect from the title. There is a lot to look through, so you ought to read through it for a few minutes before you play.

Bonus potential

There isn’t any in the game.

Free spins in Miami Jackpots

If you get three scattered MIAMI logos over reels two, three, and four, you can pick one of four free spins features:

• 20 spins at 2x multiplier for prizes • 15 spins at 3x • 12 spins at a 4x multiplier • 10 spins with the biggest 5x multiplier

No info on the RTP value

And if you have played lots of other Realtime Gaming titles, that won’t come as a surprise.

How high is our rating for this game?

We love being able to choose between the four versions of the free spin round. It means you can select something different each time if you trigger it more than once. That – and those jackpot amounts – makes this worthy of 8.5/10.

Massive line potential for prizes

Winners could take home up to 50,000x their line wager on this game, if things really went well for them!

Begin with some practice play

Miami Jackpots has plenty to appeal to you, but you won’t know for sure if you’re going to enjoy it unless you check out the demo game. Fortunately, you should be able to do that at an RTG casino, as many of them offer instant play demos without needing an account to play.

Place some real bets too if you’re ready

Always double check the coin values before you make a spin of the real game. All bets are final, so you need to be certain you’ve got the right amount ready to play with if you progress to the paid version of Miami Jackpots.

You can play on mobile devices as well

You can indeed, so check out the game on tablet and/or smartphone if you prefer to play like that.