Cubee The Travel Adventure Slots

Most slot games try to be different from the rest. However, Cubee: The Travel Adventure becomes something else entirely. It can look odd and confusing to begin with, but our review should clarify things for you. Expect monsters, time travel, and a cute little Cubee hero to see you along the way.

Should you expect reels and win lines?

In a word… no. The screen shows a time vortex out of which will come eight items on every spin. Depending on the combination and type of icons seen, you might win a cash prize or gain some energy for Cubee. There is also a chance his enemy, Rocco, will become weaker.

Choose your wager

Choose carefully, because your progress within the game is saved as per the amount you choose. Change the amount and you start from scratch again (although progress is saved on the original amount). Coins range from 0.10 to 50.00 per spin.

How does the game work?

There are four enemies that could come through that portal. Energy balls can appear too – these will give Cubee more strength. He can win prizes for you if he is equal to or stronger than certain enemies. Weapons can also come out of the vortex, striking Rocco and weakening his powers.

Travel through time with Cubee

You will begin play in the Stone Age, as the background and dress style will show. Once Cubee manages to defeat Rocco with his weapons, you progress to the Piracy Age. We love the pirate theme used here. You can secure free games whenever cannons show up in this feature. These are saved when you defeat Rocco again, this time moving to the Viking Age. Multipliers can be gained here. Finally, Cubeeland is reached, at which point your free games are played at the multiplier gained from Piracy Age.

Try Cubee: The Travel Adventure by downloading it and playing it today

This is a superb game, very different from slot games and yet featuring some of the elements you would expect from a regular slot. Cubee: The Travel Adventure is one of the most unusual games you might expect to see from RTG, but we think it could turn out to be one of your favorites. We would recommend you check out the demo first, so you can see what to expect, but you should expect to like it a lot!