Eagle Shadow Fist Slots

Asian themed slots have long been a popular option for players at online casinos. There is something that draws most people to the elegance and beauty of the art and the culture, which makes it ideal for video slots where the amazing graphics can come to life.

However, there is another aspect of Asian culture that is also very exciting and appealing. Fans of martial arts movies and fights will appreciate the theme and the design of the new Eagle Shadow Fist Slots, which is one of the newest releases from Realtime Gaming.

New Releases

This is one of several new releases by RTG, making it a very busy part of the New Year. As with all of their slots players can expect terrific graphics, sound effects and amazing winning combinations that will not only keep players entertained but also coming back to play again and again.

This is just one of the Asian themed slots released by RTG. In addition, they have released Fu Chi slots, Shanghai Lights slots as well as a slot of the same name from the Jackie Chan cult movie Fantasy Mission Force. Each has a very different take on the Asian theme, but together they provide a new twist on a favorite slot type for many players.

The Basics

With the martial arts theme as the background, players can expect a well-designed and easy to play format. Wagering will be at the bottom of the five reels, with easy player control with the respective buttons to change wager amounts and the lines played between any regular game. Additionally, players will automatically receive all winnings and features on the slot. This makes it easy for novice as well as experienced players to enjoy the game without any complications.

All player payouts and information on the game are available to players by clicking on the rules and help tab either on the screen or through most casinos. This table will provide the payouts, the winning combinations as well as information on all the features of the game. It is well worth your time to quickly review the features before you start to play.

Players will appreciate the attention to detail on the reels. This is a well developed and designed game on a classic theme. However, as with all RTG games, expect a bit more than what you thought, this software company never fails to please.