Frog Fortunes Slots

Some slot games spring surprises on you when you first load and play them. We can put Frog Fortunes in that same category – but don’t worry, that means we’ve got a promising game here.

Before playing any slot, you should check out a review of it and try a demo if there is one. So, you are in the best place to make sure you can find out all you need to know about the Frog Fortunes online slot game.

Who created this game?

This is a superb title from Realtime Gaming, although they’re also known as RTG, so that might be more familiar to you.

They’ve given us a demo

Yes, you can try a practice version first, and we suggest you do so to find out more about it – once you’ve read our review, of course!

Does the theme involve frogs?

Yes, but not real ones. When the game has loaded ready for play, it shows a golden frog sitting on a plinth at the bottom of the screen. The reels are above that, and everything is set in plenty of lush greenery. The ideal setting for an exotic frog, we guess.

Does the game have a solid design?

Yes – it may be unusual in that there are no real frogs around, but the background sets up the game itself very nicely. The design also adds plenty of depth, so even though you don’t get any 3D elements here, it feels as if you do. Does that make sense? Load the game and you’ll understand what we mean.

Start playing Frog Fortunes today and know what to expect

We can tell you that the game uses five reels. Each symbol is a hexagon, so they are staggered from their typical positions. While it looks different, it still adopts a typical 5 x 3 slot game format. You shouldn’t expect any progressive jackpots though.

If you are hoping to see a wild frog hopping around, you’ll be disappointed as no wilds are used in the game. There are other things to note though, and we’ll cover those as we come to them in our review.

How many paylines does this game have?

There aren’t any, as RTG has supplied a 243 ways to win format for us to play on.

Place one bet per spin

All way wins slots use this idea. The smallest bet is 235 cents, but you could go to the maximum of $6.25 if you wish.

Paytable details

The paytable appears on a scrolling screen rather than being split between different pages. It’s still easy enough to look through, and we’d suggest you do so once you have loaded the demo to try out.

Bombs give you a random bonus

Instead of a bonus that occurs on another screen, we get the chance to play out a random bonus that could crop up at any time. If you spot a bomb on the reels after you have spun them, wait for it to explode. It will do so in one of 10 random ways.

Each explosion takes out several other symbols according to the random pattern selected by the game. Better yet, the symbols that the bomb removes are substituted by another icon – yep, the same one in all the spots. You’re not assured of a prize, but the odds of getting something do improve.

Whenever you get a prize (or more) in this manner, you’ll then see the winning symbols vanish, causing a cascade of symbols from above with new ones involved too. You’ve no doubt seen this feature before. This continues until nothing new is won.

What about some free spins?

There is no chance of getting any of those here.

RTP information for Frog Fortunes

The game has some cool features and lots of info is supplied, but this doesn’t include any accurate return to player info.

Our rating for the Frog Fortunes way wins slot

If you’re a fan of frogs, this one certainly has an expensive looking one. The whole thing hinges on the exploding bomb feature in the game, so if you like that, you’re going to enjoy it all. We’re ranking this as an 8 out of 10 slot game.

What is the best prize worth?

According to our available info, it reaches a maximum of 150x your wager. That is small compared to certain other games, but we do get a low volatility slot here, so that makes sense.

The demo is the ideal way to start

If you are unsure whether this game is right for you, try the demo. It loads in seconds and is identical to the real version.

Play Frog Fortunes for real at an RTG casino

Many leading casinos use software supplied by Realtime Gaming. Find one you like, and you’ll see Frog Fortunes included in their collection.

You can play on tablets and smartphones too

If you’re on the move and want to take the game for a few spins, you can do so on Android and iOS.