Frozen Assets Slots

What about something cool? Literally!? Check out the great Arctic themed slot game by RTG for quality experience and serious payouts. If love the cold lands and all the charming creatures from those places you are going to enjoy the greatly created nice atmosphere of this game that also comes with loads of win opportunities. In addition you will be glad to know that this is going to be a classic experience for you, as the creators keep it nice and easy to play. Meanwhile you have all the useful and basic features to enjoy your quality and exciting gaming experience. You have some top jackpots here to hit also. So join in now to start exploring something new and classic.

Symbols and Payouts

Your nicely themed slot game features, all the great characters and creatures of the cold land are equally fun, nice and rewarding. Be ready to meet some of the classic characters of slot games such as bunch of 7s and typical sound effects. On top of this you are going to be amused and rewarded by the themed characters of top hats, snowmen, penguins, snowflakes and many more. You have the great and cute wild symbol here which is your sweet penguin which will help you in getting winning combinations. Frozen Assets slot also offers you to get entertained by other symbols as well which can also be so much rewarding. You may wish to keep an eye on the beautiful snowflake and the sun which have the great power to reward you with up to 200 coins here! The great thing about your classic experience is that here you have no extra bonus symbols and your sweet wild is the only one to look forward to enjoy. The creators of the game made sure you are able to enjoy all the great classic and old school experience so you can be sure that you will be able to enjoy a relaxed game with no complications and extra efforts. A real classic experience just for you!


For a classic gaming experience of Frozen Assets you would be totally right to guess that this is a 3 reels and 1 pay line low risk slot game. The game is always easy and flexible to play. You can choose to plan by placing one of the available bet options for each spin you are about to take. Your bet options include amounts like $0.05, $0.25, $0.5, $1, and $5.00 while you should know that for the top payout of 250 coins you should be betting at your maximum amount as only in this case the top amounts will become available for you. Here you have only the classic experience to enjoy so no need to look for some extra complicated features or doubling. You have the great experience, classic simple game and nice theme to enjoy!


In your great classic experience you have the sweetest part of enjoying some of the hottest progressive jackpot which can reach to up to millions! The great part about your sweet progressive jackpot is that with you playing the game and with all other passionate players from all around the world enjoying the sweet game, the desired amount keeps growing. Each player contributes to the big increasing fund of the amount and the chances of hitting the sweet amount is equally distributed among all the players who enjoy the game. With time the amount grows to up to millions and only one lucky player gets to take the great amount with him! Any player has equal chance to hit the sweet amount so join in, keep betting at the maximum amount and aim on only top payouts! Enjoy and good luck!