It's Good to be Bad Slots

For some classic gameplay and amazing payouts you are invited to experience one of the best creations by RTG. It’s Good to be Bad slot game was created for all the fans of classing slot games that appreciate simplicity and great win opportunities. In the game you have great classic symbols of old school casinos and the most useful features out there. In addition you will be glad to know that there are no complicated features and adjustment that are needed to be done here. Along with the classic experience from the great slot game you are also going to be treated with the highest quality design and top quality graphic the creators used to complete the slot game. So with this great opportunity you have the chance to enjoy some classic slot game with modern top quality and design. And when you add all the incredible win opportunities and amazing bonuses plus jackpots you will really get the best gaming experience there is. So join now!

Symbols and Payouts

Good to Be Bad slot game has an evil conscience sort of a theme which comes with a little animated devil watching your every spin as you play. Symbols of the game include classic Seven, Cherry and three different Bar symbols. When it comes to payouts you have some of the top amounts waiting for you. In case you bet your maximum amount and manage to land the highest paying symbols which in this case are you sweet seven symbols you get the chance to hit a hot payout worth up to 600 coins! The other symbols also have great opportunities for you getting you not less exciting payouts. So keep spinning and enjoying great opportunities as they come to your way.


As the real classic experience you are about to spin the shiny 3-reel s of the game and enjoy the wonderful single pay line which insures lot of fun and classic game adventure. In order to play the game and become able to hit the top wins that it has to offer you are invited to put your bets which can be as little as just $0.25 for each spin. You can also choose to play at higher stakes and play for an entire $1 for each spin and try your luck with highest payouts. In addition in case you wish to have the top wins of the game you may wish to increase your bet amount to the top possible $100. Once you start betting this incredible amount you will become able to hit the hottest payouts of the game. So go ahead and keep it at max!


As promised this game was created solely for your great convenience and smooth experience so you will not need to bother making complicated adjustment or trying to figure out how to use extra features. This however does not take away some great excitement you are about to experience with this slot game. There is one great exciting feature here for you which the developers call Loss Meter. This is a great opportunity to keep you motivated even in the rounds where you are less lucky. Du to this great opportunity you can make use of your losses as well. Here is how it works: in case you happen to have 4 losses in row you will get the great opportunity to use a free spin you will be rewarded with as a result! And it keeps getting better as you will be rewarded with more extra free spins which can be up to 20 free rounds depending on the number of spins you happen to lose.


As a great and adventurous lot game It’s Good to Be Bad has one of the most desirable and serious progressive jackpots here. It is very easy to hit it by the way as you will need to do absolutely nothing to get it. The great amount is possible to hit randomly so as you play on and enjoy the exciting and classic experience you may receive some great extra cash from a side.