777 Slots

It doesn’t matter how many new slots try and hit the heights with modern features and bonuses, there is always room for a classic game with old-style features to enjoy.

We’re hoping to prove that right now with the launch of the new 777 slot game. Yep, that title is a basic one isn’t it, but don’t let it dissuade you from the sparkling experience you could be about to have. We’ve got the information you’re looking for right here, so get ready to learn more about the 777 slot game today.

How much can we reveal about 777 slots?

We can reveal the game has an unusual appearance, even though it is a basic one. The old-style appearance has been given a refreshing makeover here, giving you something to smile about as you play.

You’ll find all the controls are easy to locate, but there are many other elements to look forward to as well.

Which slot game developer do we need to thank for this one?

We should direct our gratitude towards RTG, also known by the longer name Real Time Gaming. If you have tried a few of their other classics, you will know they seem to specialize in them.

Demo play is included

You can certainly get started by trying the demo version of the game if you wish. It gives you a chance to see how it works and to see if it boasts enough features to maintain your curiosity.

Does it boast a classic theme?

Of course – we did say this was an old-style game. The theme – such as it is – is very basic, although this one looks more polished than many other games of a similar style. We have a new take on the bar symbols that appear in lots of games, along with a stack of gold coins next some cards to look for.

Examining the game design

The design of this game is appealing, though simplistic. It looks as though only three basic symbols will appear on the reels – the bar symbols in ones, twos, and threes, the stack of cards next to the coins, and the number seven in numerical form. It doesn’t sound as though there is much to get to grips with here, but the 777 slot game does still have a few nice elements in store.

Slot game type

In case you hadn’t already figured it out, you get three reels in play here. Screenshots for the game indicate those reels can show one or two icons in play, although of course what matters most is what lands on the line.

There is a jackpot above the reels here too, so you do get the chance to go for that progressive jackpot if you can. To win this, you must find three stacks of cards and coins along the payline. According to our information, the starting value for the progressive pot is $4,200. Whenever someone scoops it, it will return to that value and begin to climb again from there.

The cards and coins are used as a wild in the game too. That means they could come in useful in helping you achieve a prize when you wouldn’t otherwise have done so. One appearing in a prize triples the value, while two appearing will multiply it by a tasty 9x.

How many paylines are used?

We already gave this away by revealing there is only one.

What about the available betting options?

These are not yet clear, as we were writing this review just prior to the game’s release. However, RTG typically releases slot games with multiple betting options available. The presence of a progressive jackpot might mean the minimum bet is higher than you’d imagine, but this is not yet certain.

The paytable is always on the screen

777 features the paytable at a jaunty angle on the right of the reels. This shows you the value of the prizes for each winning combination, while also mentioning the combination for the jackpot prize.

Does it have a bonus round to try?

No, the game doesn’t feature anything like this. It does have a hold feature, which harks back to the classic element seen in many three-reel slots. If you get a prize on the line, you get the chance to hold one or two of the three reels to see what happens next. You will wager an additional sum on each reel held.

It means you get a chance to improve on your prize if you won something small in that first spin. You’ll only receive a prize from this feature if you find a combo that is better than the one you started with.

Any free spins?

It doesn’t appear so, no.

Do we know what the game RTP is?

No, we are not yet able to confirm the value for the 777 slot.

Our slot game rating

It’s hard to properly rate a game until we have tried it. However, we think this one has plenty of potential. It is designed to appeal to lovers of classic games, so those who love five-reel slots aren’t going to be wowed by this. We would rate it at 7 out of 10.

Slot game winners might start cropping up soon

Any game with a progressive jackpot is going to garner some interest. That’s just the same here too. So, we will be looking out for news of the first person to scoop that jackpot once the game goes live.

Will you play this one with demo credits first?

It’s always a good idea to try a game with demo credits prior to switching to proper bets. You can never tell whether a game has everything you will need before you try a demo. Videos are great to give you some insight, as are reviews, but nothing replaces a proper go at the game, does it?

Play for real at an RTG casino today

Once the 777 slot goes live, you will get the chance to try it at an online casino. If you join one of those casinos, you will be able to see if you can spin the best combos onto those reels. With a range of available bets, this one could suit you nicely.

You can try mobile play too

The mobile version of the game is appealing, especially as the reels are minimal, so you won’t have trouble looking at lots of action on a small screen. It’s convenient and easy to play on Android, iOS, and other mobile devices as well.