Henhouse Slots

In the world of Video Slots, RTG (Real Time Gaming) stands, by general consensus, supreme. It’s because of 5 reel, 25 payline games such as the eponymous Hen House that help stake their illustrious claim on that title. It’s a game that is as fun as it is potentially lucrative, in which you can, in just a few hours or even minutes of play, win more money than you make in a year - unless you’re maybe a cardiothoracic surgeon or CEO of a multinational corporation! And frankly, with 25 huge paylines, a maximum bet og $6.25 per line and a host of features that are designed to prolong your gameplay, the prize amount can maybe even match those lofty salaries.

So, just what does Hen House Slots have in store? Progressive Jackpots, Wild and Scatter symbols, Multipliers, Free Spins and Bonus Rounds that increase the cash you might win. The endearing farm theme is soothing and reminiscent of times long ago, when hard-working families could get together and raise chickens, goats and hens for a chance at a solid living. The symbols on the reels reflect this, with a bucket of slop and chick symbol, a bale of hay, a sheep, a wily fox, seed, pig , galoshes and the farmer, himself on the reels.

Don’t be distracted by the brightness and merriment of the game; although these are pleasing to immerse yourself in, you want to be keyed into winning the cash and prizes that Hen House Slots has to offer. As a cool aside, you’ll be tickled by the sound effect of a hen laying eggs. But more important are the two jackpots: minor and major. The minor one is worth a respectable $250 and the bigger one is $1,000 - although these numbers do fluctuate, given that the tally is progressive.

The Scatter symbol is the Egg and the Wild is the Hen - the latter substitutes for all other symbols except for the Scatter. Various combinations of the top symbols lead to Free Spins and other benefits, so download this slot and play your heart out - you just might get that big win.