IRIS 3000 Slots

If you think that IRIS reads like some kind of super computer name similar to Terminator 2’s Skynet, then you’re on the right track. Interactive Real Intelligence is the kind of slot that could only have been conceived in the year 2017 and onward, when artificial intelligence is making the news almost every other week - as advances and protocols emerge from the industrial tech sector. But, specifically, for this slot, IRIS 3000 has 5 reels and is a progressive, which means the pot of money just keeps on growing depending on how many play the game, until there’s a unanimous winner at the end.

And now here’s the juicy part: the top prize is capped at $100,000 when a winner emerges. Now, we just know that you can think of something to do with that wad of cash! It doesn’t have a range of coin denominations, however; 50 cents is the bet for all paylines if you so choose. You can keep a close eye on the Progressive Jackpot tally above the reels as the game progresses. It’s a game of open and closed doors, behind which are opportunities and prizes of various amounts and quality.Cool laser beams target and scan in response to your choices, as the Interactive AI seeks to unlock and lock doors for your benefit or to your temporary detriment.

When a certain number of doors open, then you could be granted a Multiplier to continue playing the game and doubling or tripling your cash prizes, for example. There’s a 10x Multiplier in the game, as well as some Radiation Hazards that could set you back a few rounds - but it’s all in good fun, and there’s always a chance to turn everything around as the Progressive Jackpot tally rises above the board. You can bet between 1 and 3 credits in the game on your quest to get 7 doors open at once for the multiplier. IRIS 3000 is unconventional and quite a departure from the average slot, but by all accounts, it’s just as fun - at least - to play it. Give it a spin and see how artificial intelligence suits your style.