Dr WinMore Slots

Doctors have cropped up in slot games in the past, but we think this doc might be the most unusual of all. Appearing in a slot with a mix of themes thrown together to great effect, he has a powerful role to play.

There is plenty more to come in the new Dr WinMore slot game though. We have already had a sneak peek of this new game, and we are going to let you know what you can expect to see when you play it.

Who is the software developer involved in the release of this game?

You can count on many of the new releases issued by Realtime Gaming, and they are behind this new game too.

The game also has a demo version that includes all the features

Yes, the demo is just like the real game except you get demo credits to use rather than using your own funds.

Does this game have a mix of themes?

We think so, yes. There is a scientist theme with the appearance of the doctor, but there is more than a hint of outer space here as well. Just look at the background to confirm this. The test tubes and various potions he has in his lab appear too, along with some rusty machinery that carries a steampunk feel.

The design manages to bring all these elements together

You may think the theme is too complex to ever work, and yet it does. The design helps this along by representing all the elements and icons in great style. Even the game logo looks great, offering a mix of cogs and machinery behind the words of the title.

Learn how to play Dr WinMore slots here

We’ll start by revealing there are five high reels in action in this game. With five symbols cropping up on each, falling from above on each spin, you’ll see a 5 x 5 mix of icons appearing each time. These may include Dr WinMore himself, and you’ll hope they do, as he is used as a wild symbol.

The game includes a familiar cascading wins feature. This means that whenever a prize is attained, the winning symbols explode and disappear. This causes gaps to appear in the grid that are filled by symbols from above falling into them. You then get new symbols filling up the remainder of the grid from the top.

As is usually the case with this feature, you get an increasing multiplier element too. It begins at 1x for each spin, rising by 1x whenever you get a winning spin. This can reach a maximum of 6x before returning to 1x when your next losing spin occurs. It means the more wins you achieve in a row, the bigger the resulting prizes would be.

One final point is to mention the robots that might pop up. These appear randomly and are connected to a good feature.

How many paylines can you bet on?

None – the game uses cluster pays instead.

What about betting options?

You can choose from many available amounts by selecting them from the betting feature underneath the reels. One amount covers each spin.

Where is the paytable hiding?

See that burger icon in the bottom right of your screen while playing the game? Select that and you’ll see where the paytable is. It’s a good idea to read through it before you do anything else.

Discover some bonus robots…

Right – back to those random robots. Whenever one or more appear in a spin of those reels, they stay put until any prizes or cascades are finished. Each robot on the screen would then remove certain other symbols. You may see the entire row of icons where the robot is positioned disappear. Alternatively, this could happen to the entire column the robot appears in. A third option would be for the robot to take out both the column and the row. Finally, each symbol sitting adjacent to the robot’s position could be taken out. Whatever happens, the grid fills again, thereby giving you more chances to get one or more prizes, depending on which new icons appear.

Free spins aren’t part of the deal here

We doubt you will miss them with the cascading wins feature though.

No RTP value is available just yet

This is quite common with RTG games, so once we get this information, we’ll update our review to give it to you.

We are rating this game as…

7/10. That is a good score given the features available to play with here. It won’t suit those who prefer second screen bonuses or free spins, but there is a lot to get your teeth into.

Are we going to get any major winners in this game?

The best outcome looks to be a prize worth 300x your triggering bet. However, with no progressive jackpots to look for, anything bigger isn’t going to be possible. There is a better chance of stringing together several wins if you can get those cascading reels working for you.

Did you know you can start by playing the practice version of the slot?

It’s true, and we suggest this is the best way to understand how those robots work and how various other features in Dr WinMore work too.

Play for real by signing up to an RTG online casino

Assuming you are not already a member, this is how to play the real thing if you like it.

Available across all mobile platforms too

Dr WinMore can be played on Android and iOS platforms, from iPads to iPhones and your preferred Android device as well.