Big Bopper Slots

Want to try out something from 50’s? The best way to experience the wonderful spirit of those times is of course music! Wonderful world of amazing and crazy rock and roll will be available for you to enjoy. You are invited to meet all the great performers of the Golden age of Rock! Developers of great RTG were inspired by the great performers of those years so they came up with this classic theme for all the fans around the world to enjoy. While the theme of the game is something special to look forward to while playing the great Big Bopper Slots game also comes with the best win opportunities and bonuses for you. You will get to enjoy not only the wonderful spirit of the game but also the serious wins it has to offer. So get ready and join in!

Theme and Symbols

Who doesn’t know the great performers of sweet 1950’s rock and roll times? This game is a wonderful and super quality tribute to the man himself, JP Richardson Jr who is known for Chantilly Lace! The theme of the game has all it takes to reflect all the wonderful atmosphere of the sweet 50’s with its so much typical neon lights and rather dark green background. The reel backdrop is an old fashioned movie theater with the reels framed by heavy curtains. The classic icons you are about to meet here include fonz-like leather jacket, glass cola bottles, acoustic guitars and aviator shades. Of course the artist himself is there as well! Your win icons are music themed to the period, musical notes cleverly replace A-10 playing card symbols as the low value icons, and there is a Wurlitzer jukebox. Everything has been thought to the smallest detail for you and you will get to only join in and enjoy.


Your unique gaming experience remains unique in its great game play as well. You are invited to play the greatest 6 reeled slot game that comes with amazing 729 pay lines. You have guessed right that this slot game comes with loads of opportunities for you. You have the opportunity to start betting from just $0.03 to up to $7.5 for your one spin. You also of course have the auto spin which will get you the great chance to set the number of spins you wish to have and you can start enjoying the great magical show from there on. In addition you will get to also decide the speed of your reels and to save the precious time for yourself you are invited to have even faster spins and get to your wins as soon as possible. So simply decide on your bet amount and give it a go!


With your simple symbols you will also get to enjoy some of the greatest bonus icons that are about to come your way. As you join and start exploring the wonderful themed slot game you will start getting the amazing extra win symbols such as the sweet scattered and of course the wild. You are invited to try to land the great wild symbols on your active lines in order to get to enjoy the wonderful wins that are even higher than with the simple symbols. You will also have the chance to get a winning combination even faster and easier as your sweet wild ids there to replace any missing simple symbol for you. Now as we go on exploring amazing scattered symbols for you, get ready for some thrilling experiences. You will get to enjoy amazing amount of free spins and incredible multipliers here. Look for the seas of opportunities here for you and start enjoying your new generous experience.

Mobile Version

For your best and the most convenient game play experience the creators came up with the most quality mobile gaming versions as well for you. You now have the chance to enjoy your amazing gaming experience on any smart phone device of your choice. The game is perfectly supported both on iOS and android platforms and any tablets are welcome as well of course. So get comfortable, decide on the device you prefer to play on and start enjoying!