The Mariachi 5 Slots

Numbers appear in the titles of many slot games. They are used in different ways, too. They might highlight a year, several winning ways, or something else entirely. Here, they indicate the number of band members appearing in The Mariachi 5, which describes the theme and premise of this slot nicely.

We are about to visit Mexico and hear the tunes played by this mariachi band. It looks as if they haven’t eaten too much in a while though… you could say they had a skeletal appearance. They are indeed skeletons, real ones, so there could be an element of the Day of the Dead celebrations here too. It certainly comes with a celebratory feel we think you will love. Shall we find out what else lies in store for us when we play the all-new The Mariachi 5 game?

First look at The Mariachi 5

The first look is an impressive one. We do love colorful and detailed game screens, and we get just that and more here. We doubt there is a single color that isn’t included here in some way.

Who developed this game?

We can confirm this game was created by Real Time Gaming. You have probably heard of a few of their other releases, such as Bubble Bubble and Cash Bandits, both of which have a sequel to their names. If The Mariachi 5 is as successful as we expect it to be, this one could earn itself a sequel too.

Does it come with a proper demo?

It does, and this is the perfect introduction to the game if you want to see exactly how it works. You will notice it comes pre-loaded with demo credits, so you can use those to play a few demo spins.

The Mariachi 5 slot theme

With mariachi band members strutting their stuff here, it is obvious the game takes place in Mexico. We love the detail present in the background; it may not form an essential part of the game but you sure do notice it when a slot doesn’t bother with a good background. That is just one of the many reasons why we love The Mariachi 5.

Game design details

The opening image reveals the five members of the band, but you can expect to meet them all on the reels as well. Each one is presented in a different color, from purple to green to red, and so on. Color is vital to this game and makes it far more appealing.

Type of slot

There are five reels to play on here. The standard 5 x 3 formation is in use, so there is a lot to look out for whenever the reels come to a stop. The only disappointing thing is that the lower-paying icons are the A, Q, and 10 ones. As you might guess, the best-payers are those relating to the various band members.

You won’t see a progressive prize included in The Mariachi 5. This may dissuade a few players from trying it out, but we would advise you to try the demo if you are in that group. The slot more than makes up for the lack of progressive jackpot by delivering other great features instead.

You can benefit from a wild (displayed as WILD on the reels) appearing in grouped format during play. It is restricted to reel two and reel four. It can replace almost all the other symbols, except for the pinata. This is counted as a scatter icon.

How many paylines should you look for?

Instead of the typical payline format you might have expected, you will get the chance to cover all potential winning lines with a 243-way format.

Different betting options to consider

The best part about having 243 potential way wins in this game is that you do not need to wager a cent or more on each of them. That would result in an expensive game. Instead, you simply need to select a chosen bet to cover all the options. This starts from just a few cents per spin.

Information about The Mariachi 5 paytable

You can go into the paytable by clicking or tapping on those lines in the bottom corner, underneath the reels on the right side of the screen. This provides access to the paytable and all the relevant details about The Mariachi 5.

Does it include bonus rounds?

No, and that might surprise you. We would love to have seen a bonus feature or two here. Mind you, we do get an alternative.

Could you get any free spins?

You could if you managed to spot three or more pinata scatters in the same spin. You then see a new screen where each of the five band members has something to offer you. Your task is to consider the offers and then make your choice. Each offer consists of free spins plus a multiplier. This value would then be added to any prize won in those spins. Here are the options:

1. 15 freebies with 2x multiplier 2. 12 freebies with 3x multiplier 3. 10 freebies with 4x multiplier 4. 8 freebies with 5x multiplier 5. 5 freebies with 8x multiplier

Which one will you go for? Once you have made your selection, you will go through to the free games. Find three more scattered pinatas during a freebie and more freebies will be won. The games will also always include more wilds and scatters added to the five reels to help you.

Game RTP for The Mariachi 5

This is unknown at the time of writing.

Our rating for The Mariachi 5 game

We think this could be another big release for RTG. It ranks highly with us, for sure, which is why we have decided to give it 9 points out of a possible 10. Do you agree with that rating?

Any big winners yet?

No news has arisen concerning winners for this slot game. The headlines are typically reserved for progressive jackpot winners, and since this game does not include that feature, it is likely we may not hear about other smaller winners.

Playing the game in practice mode

If you are new to slot games, you may not realize you do not need to place real bets on a game to see what it is like. The practice mode games are designed to behave just like the real ones. Once you load it, you can use the credits inside the game to see how everything works. Just remember any prizes gained in the game will be in demo credits and can therefore not be withdrawn.

Playing the game with real wagers

Many players who start with the demo version of The Mariachi 5 will probably want to switch to real bets. You can usually find a button that allows you to switch in this manner. Just tap or click on it to make the change. Be sure you settle on a bet you are happy with before you play and do make sure you are happy to lose whatever you wager. Do not bet more than you can afford to lose.

Mobile play is here too

It is unusual nowadays to find a new slot game release that is not geared up for mobile play. As such, Android and iOS users can enjoy the new game on their devices by visiting their favorite casino.