Mermaid's Pearls Slots

When a slot game mentions both mermaids and pearls in its title, you can expect to spot both when you load the reels to check it out. We can confirm both will appear in this game, but you can expect some more entertainment to swim into view as well. Make sure you keep reading our review of the new Mermaid’s Pearls game to see what else you should expect to spot.

Who created Mermaid’s Pearls?

This game was created by RTG, one of the big-name developers producing slots for all kinds of online casinos. They also provide software to many casinos, so if you know of an RTG-powered casino online, you should find the new Mermaid’s Pearl slot appearing there very soon.

Is there a demo version of the game to try?

Yes, as usual you can expect a demo version to appear alongside the real one whenever this game pops up in a casino. It will automatically be populated with demo credits to use.

What is the theme in Mermaid’s Pearls?

Mermaids and pearls, of course! The mix of the two lends a fantasy theme to this slot, along with the chance to dive for pearls hidden in the depths as you play.

Do they get points for a good game design?

Definitely – this is clearly a modern game that makes the most of all the underwater features and elements you might expect to see there. The controls are easy to get the hang of, especially if you have tried some other RTG slots previously.

Figuring out what kind of slot game we’re going to play

When you load the game, you are in for a surprise – we are treated to a 5 x 5 format this time around. That means five reels each with five icons on them. While the game doesn’t worry about providing one or more progressive jackpot prizes, it does allow the chance to net up to 12,500x your bet on every way you could win.

How many paylines does the game have?

No paylines are in action here. Instead, Mermaid’s Pearl provides an All Ways Pays alternative. With a 5 x 5 format in play, that means there are thousands of ways you could win. To put it more accurately, there are 3,125 ways.

A variety of wagers are possible

Check the up and down buttons in the game to explore the minimum and maximum spin amounts, along with everything else in between.

What about a paytable?

The game does of course include one of these, and you can click or tap your way into it by using the relevant button on the game screen.

Does Mermaid’s Pearls have a bonus feature to play?

Yes, and those pearls are the key to reaching it. As you begin to play the base game, you will notice pearls showing up on the reels. As they do so, they will be collected. You can watch the Pearl Meter to see your progress. All pearls are automatically added to the meter with no requirement for you to claim them or do anything else to get them. Finding 15 or more pearls in one spin will qualify for a credit prize.

To reach the bonus, which is called the Shipwreck Pick Bonus, 300 pearls must be collected in the Pearl Meter. Will you make the right picks in this bonus to score a good prize?

Are there free games to try and get during this game?

Yes, and the pearls are key to getting these too. If you would like to play 10 free spins on these reels, find 600 pearls to make it happen. It is unusual to see the bonus reached before the free spins, but that’s the way they are playing it. The free games are different from the base games though, and they are known as the Treasure Pearl feature.

Yes, pearls crop up even more often here, because only the pearls and blank areas will show up on those reels on each of the 10 free games. Each free spin also reveals a random multiplier. It could be the basic 1x amount or something between that and the top value of 5x. Whatever it might be, you can expect any prize you gain to be multiplied by whichever value is shown.

RTP for Mermaid’s Pearls

This is not yet known, but we expect it to be a respectable percentage. We are hoping for 95% or more. Most RTG slots do quite well in this area, so this should be no different.

How do we rate this slot game?

We are going to give this 8 out of 10 as a rating. It has lots of great elements involved in it and those pearls mean you will be watching the reels on every spin! We also like the pick bonus and the twist for the free games.

Have we heard of slot winners for Mermaid’s Pearls?

The slots that tend to hit the headlines in this respect are usually those with progressive jackpots. Since this doesn’t have one, that may not be true of Mermaid’s Pearls. Mind you, the top award is 12,500x your bet – and that apparently applies to each way win. That could mean someone comes in with a big prize.

Is it possible to try the game for enjoyment only?

Yes – look for the demo we mentioned earlier if you want to play this way.

Should you switch to real money play?

This is for you to figure out. Some players will like what they see and make the switch, while others may not like the game enough. Still more might be happy to play for entertainment. Only you can figure out what is right for you but do try the demo first anyway.

Considering mobile play if you have a mobile device

All Android phones and tablets, along with all modern iOS ones, will be fine playing this game. The Mermaid’s Pearls slot is available to play on many mobile devices alongside regular computer play.