5 Wishes Slots

Making a wish is something most of us are familiar with… even if they rarely come true. However, that magical theme works well within the confines of a slot game, and it is used again here. The 5 Wishes slot is a new release we think is going to hit the big time, and there are several reasons for that. Join us on our magical journey through the features and perks of this slot game.

Which developer produced this game?

Whenever you see Realtime Gaming's name pop up, you know you are going to have a positive experience. They're big on entertainment, and this new release from them is another step in the right direction.

You'll get the usual demo option to check out if you wish

This is a good idea, because there are some good features in this slot that you may wish to experience in demo mode before doing anything else. Will you like what you see there? Our review will give you some more hints about what to expect.

Have you figured out what the theme is yet?

The mention of wishes might provide a clue, although the famous story highlighted here prefers three wishes… granted by the genie, of course. Aladdin pops up during play, along with the famous magic lamp, so you can expect the game to progress along familiar lines from there.

Design features to watch for as you play

The 5 Wishes slot has a pleasing design, especially since we have lots of detail in every character and icon to appear over the reels. All the familiar characters are there - the lamp included - and there is plenty of detail in the background too, even though you cannot make out everything you see there.

What about reels and other basic features of the slot?

We'll start by revealing the five-reel format, coupled with three icons per reel. You've seen this plenty of times before, no doubt. The controls are in the usual place too, spread out under the reels and giving you the chance to choose your wager before you play. You also get two progressive jackpots to watch above the reels - one larger than the other.

The famous genie has an important role to play as the substitute. He also carries a 2x multiplier that comes into play whenever a prize is won with one or more wilds involved. The scatter is the genie's lamp, so that is another one that's simple to spot in play.

How many paylines can you play on?

There are 25 variable paylines included in the game.

What kinds of bets could you place on the game?

RTG is good at providing a reasonable array of coins in each game. That's true of 5 Wishes as well, where the highest value is $1 per line, with many smaller coins to choose from as well.

Review the paytable before you begin

When you try this game for the first time, look out for the paytable. The burger icon tucked away in the bottom right of the game is the way through to finding it. It will show you how many icons are involved, what they look like, and what their values are if appearing in prize-winning combinations.

Bonus possibilities in 5 Wishes slots

Sadly, there are no bonus rounds here.

You will get the chance to pick up some free spins though

You will, indeed. While you might hope for some wishes to be granted with three of those magic lamps, you'll get 10 free games instead. That's good enough for us. You can trigger these again the same way you originally did, too, so that is worth hoping for.

While the genie can pop up as a wild symbol in these games, just as he can in the base game, he carries an extra feature here. At any point when he appears, he may choose to randomly grant some extra wilds to show up on the reels. Where could those wilds land, and what could they bring you?

RTP information

We don't yet have the RTP value for the 5 Wishes game, but if that should change, we'll update this portion of our review.

How high is the rating for this game?

We can only rate the game based on our own experience, but since we liked it a lot, we think it deserves a score of 8/10. We would go higher if it included a bonus.

The biggest winners are likely to be those who get the jackpot

With two progressive jackpots up for grabs in 5 Wishes, we are going to watch out for news of someone managing to scoop one of those. The bigger one is going to be better than anything won via the paytable options, don't you think?

Play for practice to start with

There are plenty of Aladdin-themed games online today. This joins a line of them you could already play. That's why we suggest checking out this in practice mode, to see what you think before switching to the proper version.

If you like it, you can play for real

You can do this at every casino offering RTG slot games, and there are plenty of those around.

Mobile playability

5 Wishes has been released across all platforms, which means you can enjoy the game on an Android, iPad, or iPhone device.