Bao Ni 8 Slots

There may have been some unintentional rhyming in that title but hold tight as we are about to find out everything you should know about it before you give it a try. Bao Ni 8 is an unusual title that reveals the theme to some degree, but does the reality of playing it stand up to the promise held within these opening moments?

Who developed the game?

Bao Ni 8 was created by Realtime Gaming. This is far from the most complex title they’ve created, but it has some incredible elements built into it, as you are about to find out.

There is a demo version you can check out too

We think it is foolhardy to try any slot game you’ve never seen in action. Fortunately, RTG does us proud here by providing us with a ‘fun play’ version to try.

Can you figure out the theme for yourself?

The appearance of a happy little character with a long mustache should give a hint to the Asian theme in action here. The blurb for the game also mentions the Chinese New Year. When you spot the golden turtle, the Chinese coins, and Chinese-style lettering in play as well, you can see where you’re going with this.

Does the game have a promising design?

It’s not one to play if the background is important to you. There is some detail there, but it fades away given the two-tone purple backdrop in place. The reels are clearly shown though, and everything that appears on those reels is detailed, so that makes up for it. It also focuses on attention on those elements of the game.

What can you expect when you begin to play Bao Ni 8?

The slot game delivers five reels, each with three icons cropping up on every spin. One thing you won’t find is a progressive jackpot. The controls are all neatly arranged beneath the reels, so checking on your minimum wager and keeping an eye on anything you’ve won should be easy enough.

Three golden eights appear as the wild, cropping up on reels one, three, and five of the game. This substitute symbol can replace everything except for the FREE GAMES message. This has an obvious role and behaves as a scatter. Three or more secure a scatter prize.

How many paylines are in action here?

Bao Ni 8 has just eight paylines. Eight is said to be a lucky number though, so maybe that is a good thing? All eight must be played on every spin.

Deciding on your bets

The good news with this slot game is that a total wager of just eight cents can be played on each spin. The highest wager is $40.

Spot the burger icon – it leads to the paytable

Look to the far left of the control panel. The burger icon reveals several popup icons, and you need to select the info button to reveal the paytable if you care to look at it. We suggest that is a good idea before you start playing.

Is there a bonus to look for?

Yes, and this is where things get interesting. According to the paytable, there is a Lucky Streak Respin Feature to look for. This tells us the game has no fewer than 15 independent reels in action. So, we guess each square on the 5 x 3 grid is a reel, right?

This turns out to be true, although prizes are awarded in the usual way. The idea is that if you secure a prize, the squares involved in the prize stay in position. Every other square would spin again. You could then improve on the initial prize via this method. The respins continue until you hit on a spin whereby no prize is granted.

What about winning some free spins in Bao Ni 8?

This can occur whenever five or more FREE GAMES icons appear in any combination of positions. Sure, you need five at the minimum rather than three, which is more common, but there is the potential to secure more games the more scatters you get, too.

Between five and seven icons would get you eight free games. If you can find eight or nine, you’ll get 10 free games. Ten FREE GAMES symbols would earn you 25 free games, and you could get 50 freebies if you can find 11 or more symbols.

These games can also trigger the Lucky Streak feature. Should this occur, you’ll get a random multiplier in play too. This would be at least 2x and could reach as high as 10x.

The RTP is unknown

We do not yet have access to this value, so we’ll update you when it becomes known.

What rating does Bao Ni 8 get from us?

We think this is a far better game than first impressions would suggest. Those respins are useful, and the potential to get more free games than you would usually expect is good too. This would rank at 8/10 for us.

What is the best winning outcome that could potentially be seen?

The paytable reveals that a single spin could net a player up to 6,800x their wager.

Are you going to try this one in practice mode?

You should, because you’ll get a better idea of how the game works.

Play for real if you visit and sign up to an RTG online casino

Look out for bonus codes to grab a welcome treat or two, then find Bao Ni 8 in the games collection. Check your wagers before you begin.

Mobile accessibility

The game is available for accessing and playing on mobile platforms including Android and iOS.