It’s a Mystery! Slots

If you’re a natural detective type, then It’s a Mystery Slots just may appeal to you. It’s all about solving puzzles while using the symbols on the reels to your benefit, and cashing in on their fortuitous alignments. It’s got a big 5 reels and 25 paylines for you to work across. There are enhanced features throughout the game, all of which are geared towards improving your luck on the reels, and reaping the rewards of the paylines. There are jackpots just waiting to be broken open; you could be the one to do just that.

There are quite a few weird symbols on this slot, all indicative of the hidden treasures and hidden clues that lead to riches beyond your more modest dreams of wealth. You can win enough to take a year off from working at your real job, if you so choose. Just pick the number of lines you wish to play, put down some coinage for each one, and you’ll soon be on your way to claiming prizes that you’ve only dreamed of to date.

The Wild symbol, which is also known as the Substitute symbol, is a Question Mark that blazes on to the screen once it appears and is ready to engineer that winning payline that is so crucial to conquering It’s a Mystery Slots. The Scatter symbol is played by the Game Logo, and three of these on the screen in any position leads to a Bonus Feature that’ll make you smile from ear to ear. Appropriately, this Bonus Feature comprises a puzzle that has 9 pieces.

These pieces are moved about to form a nondescript series of results, until they fall into place to reveal an It’s a Mystery Slots special. The more like the final motif the puzzle becomes, the greater your payout. There are 50 Free Spins and a 6x Multiplier embedded somewhere in this round, so keep an eye out and keep gaming hopefully. As a final incentive, be advised that there are two jackpots here - the minor and the major. These are triggered at random, so it’s almost impossible to have a truly bad game while playing It’s a Mystery Slot. There’s always a chance to turn it all around.