Jackpot Pinatas Slots

One of the highlights of Mexican culture, as seen from the outside world, is the pinata. Used in all manner of celebratory gatherings, this bundle of goodies is well-known for releasing sweets and prizes to the waiting crowd once it’s smashed open. Something similar happens in the digital realm with Jackpot Pinatas Slot, a 5 reel, 20 payline online game with a Progressive Jackpot and a maximum payout of $40,000. There’s an AutoPlay feature too, in case you really just want to sit back and watch the coins roll in after your wagers.

This very festive slot has a multitude of symbols on the reels that are reminiscent of Hispanic festivities. There’s the sombrero, the firecrackers, the presents, lime, puppy, tacos, diamond ring and macaracas. There’s a Bonus Round included, too, so you can really ratchet up your winnings if the Wilds and Scatter symbols line up for you. The lowest bet amount is 25 cents and the highest is $5 per payline. Adjust your amount according to your bank account.

As for the symbols on the reels, pay special attention to the Dog Pinata symbol, because it is the paying Scatter. Obtain anywhere from three, four or five Dog Pinatas and your bet will be multiplied by a huge amount - respectively, 3, 20 and even an amazing 1000 times the starting bet for five Dogs. There’s a Bonus Round here, and it consists of roses emerging from a broken pinata. Depending on how many roses, you get Free Spins - up to 25 of them, in fact.

Jackpot Pinatas is one heck of a slot, given that the Progressive jackpot starts out at a big $250,000 and grows from there. There have even been winners who’ve taken home half a million bucks! What are you waiting for - you could be next! Download the casino software and try your luck on this slot today.