Mid-Life Crisis Slots

Mid Life Crisis is an exciting progressive slot game developed by RTG offering the most amazing jackpots that grow constantly. While hitting the key jackpot which always starts at $100,000 is one of the most exciting opportunities of the game there are also loads of other wins and crazy combinations to look forward to at Mid Life Crisis Slots. With an interesting theme and appropriate features the game creates the atmosphere of the stage men go through by introducing relevant symbols and characters. In addition all the graphics and effects are completed with great taste and top quality. You will be introduced to the nice spirit of 70’s and will be offered to play on some exciting rills for big money. So go ahead and try out some new experiences with Mid Life Crisis Slots.

Theme and Symbols

Mid Life Crisis slot is a unique theme for slot games offering some typical symbols and featuring graphics to which you can relate. You will find some exciting symbols such as sports cars, women, motorbikes, yachts and some little blue pills which are quite famous in recent years. The aim of the game is simplicity and relaxing gaming experience meaning there are as few extra features and destructions as possible. You will not need to be looking for any wild symbols just aim on landing 5 of the same symbols to hit some big wins. For instance when you land five yachts you can get the great payout worth 3,200 coins. Accordingly five money clips will get you 2000 coins while five motor bikes will pay you 1500 coins. From there on combinations of other symbols when you land all 5 of them will pay you between 1000 and 250 coins.


Making your first bet and keep playing Mid Life Crisis Slots is always easy and rewarding. You can start betting the fixed 25c coin size to the maximum bet of 45 coins meaning you will be having the maximum of $11.25 per spin. Simply deciding on the bet amount will already make you ready to be able to enjoy your new experience. Look for great symbol combinations and of course your sweet jackpot!


While landing your desired great combinations you should be aware that Mid Life Crisis slot loves to reward its players. So be ready to receive some great bonuses as you play on. You may always want to be landing the great scatter symbols which can firstly activate the Pick Your Poison Bonus. In order to hit this one you will need to have the scattered woman on reels 1, 3 and 5. Once you hit it you will be taken to the second screen stage where you will see the new screen with 12 symbols and a side area with a Youth Potion. You can choose to go with the Youth Potion which will get you an instant win or you can move further and pick individual symbols to reveal a special prize. Here you will be given the opportunity to win up to 4000 credits ($1000) on the Pick your Poison Bonus.

There is another major bonus at this game which is called Mid Life Man bonus. All you need to do to activate it is to get a scattered chain, man and wig on reels 2, 3 and 4. Once you hit it the symbols align and you get your win paid right away. This bonus can pay you up to 350 coins which is another great motivation for you.


As to the amazing growing jackpot- you have the best opportunities here. You will always be on the top list in the hunt for the main jackpot worth at least $100,000 which can grow to up to $900,000. All you need to do is manage to land five of the sports cars on any active line while betting the maximum amount possible. Keep in mind that large bonuses love large bets so for this great opportunity make sure keep your bets at max.