Mister Money Slots

For all the future playboys out there! RTG has a special opportunity for all those who have the shiny dream of becoming a millionaire and having all the luxuries flying around him. With Mister Money slot games you will have the greatest chance of feeling how it is to be the richest man in the room surrounded by beautiful ladies and amazing luxury cars and jewelry. You will be the generous millionaire enjoying the carefree life of fun and excitement. All the symbols used in the game by the developers feature all the type of luxuries you could have imagined including great cars, brilliant luxury accessories and of course some of the most beautiful ladies out there. In addition as a real millionaire you will be treated accordingly. The game has loads of crazy bonuses and extra win opportunities which are there to entertain you and keep you motivated through your entire gaming experience. So wait and look no more. Get into the game of true millionaires and keep growing your great fortune!


As the life of a real playboy is always full of fun and excitement the Mister Money slots gives you all the most convenient gaming options in addition to perfect flexibility which you are going to appreciate. This brilliant and shiny slot is a great 5 reel and 20 pay line game, full of opportunities. In addition you are offered to decide on the betting amount starting from just 0.01 coins for each spin to up to 5 coins. While as a real millionaire you may wish to keep your bets at max at all times and aim only on the biggest payouts.

Symbols and Payouts

All the great and perfectly designed high quality symbols feature the perfect theme of a shiny and perfect life style of a millionaire. First of all you are going to love spinning and landing the amazing designer watches or necklaces which are there to award you with up to 100 coins. Then you may want to move towards the gold rings symbols which are even more generous being able to reward you with 150 coins. Also make sure you stay aimed on the cash-bags which can be worth up to 200 coins. For the fans of luxury traveling the great symbol of private-jet is there to reward the passionate players with up to 500 coins. In addition your gorgeous girlfriend is there to not only spend great time together but to also reward you with the great amount of up to 750 coins!


In addition to the great combination of the winning shiny symbols, the Mister Money slots are full of bonuses and extra win opportunities which are even more rewarding. First of all you have the sweetest wild symbol of diamonds which is there not only to compensate for other symbols in winning combinations but also to increase your win amounts. Your wild will first of all reward you with 5000 coins of instant win. Then you also have the great scatter symbol which is the Red Diamonds. In case you manage to land this wonderful symbol you will be able to start enjoying your free games which will also increase your total bet with up to 50 times. In addition you have the perfect opportunity to have your initial bet increased by up to 100 times in case you have the white diamond appearing on the reel s at the same time. As to free games you have the chance to make use of from 5 to 25 and even more lucky free spins during which all your wins will be multiplied.


In addition to the most wonderful and rewarding combinations and shiny bonuses Mister Money slot also offers the most exciting jackpot opportunity. The amount of the progressive jackpot keeps increasing all the time with each player enjoying the game all around the world. The award of the jackpot is random hence anyone including you can become the lucky owner of the great payout at any point of the game. So join now!