Three Stooges II Slots

Three Stooges II Slots
Classic comedies are always something fun and fascinating and now you have the opportunity to become a part of the great show! RTG created Three Stooges II for the classic fans just like you! Join in for some real fun and excitement with the great slot game which comes with not only great and interesting graphics but also amazing payouts and some of the sweetest endless bonuses! You will get the chance to experience the crazy and fun atmosphere of the real classic comedy show with the excited audience and super charming characters and symbols! Meanwhile you will be also generously treated as you join and enjoy the great theme of the game as there are loads of multipliers, great jackpots and wonderful bonuses that you are going to enjoy! Above all joining the game is always super easy and the entire approach to the game is classic. Join the fun!

Theme and Symbols

The Three Stooges is a famous vaudeville comedy team who created short films in the mid-20th century. With the main characters of Moe and Larry the game has all the great features and amazing atmosphere of old-time classics. You have all the fun and charming characters in addition to the great sound effects and quality graphics which all together create your perfect gaming experience. The wonderful symbols are full of generous payouts and will get you amazing opportunities to trigger all the bonus games and the top jackpots of the game. Good luck!


You will be glad to know that you are about to enjoy a super simply classic slot game which is possible to enjoy with just several simple steps. As a real classic slot game Three Stooges II comes with the classic games opportunities with wonderful 3 reels and 3 pay lines. When it comes to setting your bet, you have only 2 options: you can wager 0.3 or you can wager 0.75 coins for each spin. That’s it- super easy and fun! There is also a great feature of auto play. This is a perfect one for you as here you can adjust the number and amounts of spins you wish to have just as you like and give it a go from there all at once!


You have all the wonderful bonus symbols in the game which are there to get you the hottest rewards of the game. First of all you have the wild symbol which is the game logo. This great symbol will get you the sweet multiplies of the game in addition to getting involved in the winning combinations to insure you hit a win even more easily. Here you have the chance to get your wins accordingly 3 or 9 times increased so your sweet wild is something special to look forward to. Then you have the main three hilarious guys of the game which come packed with nice presents for you. Your new fun friends are Curly, Larry and Moe all three of whom have some sweet bonus opportunities for you. In case you land 3 Curlys on a payline you will get the sweet award of 9 free games which come with doubled wins. Two other characters, Larry and Moe, activate similar game features for you which come with enormous awards that can sometimes surpass the progressive jackpot. 3 Larry symbols on a payline will trigger Larry’s Stash feature. Here you will see Larry’s Stash ladder which is standing from the left side of the reels, with 6 different sets of free games that come with multipliers. The game offers you even more bonuses which you are still to discover. Here you will have great opportunities to hit up to 20 free games that can get you up to 7x multipliers. Above all you have Moe’s Moolah feature which comes with up to 100 free games with prizes multiplied by 10.