Voodoo Magic Slots

Looking for something nice and fresh that is also full of opportunities for you to get some real cash? Go ahead and give the quality slots of Voodoo Magic by RTG a go. Here you have all the excitement you have been looking for. In addition you will be amused by the great quality of the game which is completed with the most amazing sound effects. Above all you have a convenient gaming options which are flexible and of course rewarding. You will have loads of endless bonus features, amazing shiny symbols and of course sweet jackpots to hit. The entire experience is highly convenient and is full of amazing fresh emotions. You will always have something new and rewarding to look forward to. Keep an eye on your generous symbols and enjoy your new experience!

Theme and Symbols

For your new and exciting and at the same time fresh and rewarding gaming experience you are offered to try out the mysterious Voodoo magic game which is pull of endless prizes for you. The theme of the slot game is the mystery while featured by such great symbols like charms, sacrificial knives, fire-powder, eyeballs, snakes, skulls and Voodoo Masks. All of these symbols are full of great win opportunities for you as not only will they pass you all the great mood of the theme but will also get you generous payouts. You may want to keep an eye not only on the simple symbols of the game but also on some special ones which carry even more generous opportunities for you!


You are going to absolutely love playing your new experience. This becomes possible for you not only sue to the great win opportunities which you are going to hit, but also the great flexibility that the game offers to you. Here you will only need to decide on the amount you wish to bet on each of your spin and that’s it! You are about the experience a slot game of 5 reels and 13 pay lines. You cans start betting from just one penny per spin and go up to twenty-five cents. You are advised to keep your bets at the maximum amounts and use all of your pay lines in order to hit the top payouts! The great game is perfect to enjoy on your smart devices powered by iOS and Android so you have all the convenience you could ever ask for! Just enjoy!


Your new magical experience is about to get even better with the great payotus you are about the experience. The great symbols are going to get you the sweet rewards of the game as you begin to land them in winning combinations. First of all you may want to look for the great charms or weapons which will get you up to 100 coins. Then you have great candles which will get you even more- 150 coins! You can get sweet amount of 250 coins for fire-powder, bones, eyeballs or snakes and up to300 coins for skulls. The game will get even hotter when you start landing for totems which come with 500 coins and Voodoo Masks which have shiny 1000 coins for you! In addition even more generous opportunities are waiting for you in the form of amazing wild symbols and of course sweet scattered. So this is just the beginning!  


The top payout of this game can be worth up to 2000 coins which you can hit in case you manage to land 5 of the great wild symbol on your active lines. You also have the scattered symbol which will get you great multipliers and loads of extra win opportunities. You can receive up to 100 times of your win so you can imagine that you are here for some real cash! Get into the mood and start spinning!