Banana Jones Slots

That surname might start you thinking along the lines of a certain famous adventurer from the movies with the same surname. RTG has gone with an adventurous theme for this slot game, and we love what they have come up with.

Mind you, if you are expecting a solid slot game with reels and lines, think again. This one might just pack a surprise or two.

Reels and win lines

Well, we suggested this wasn’t a regular slot. You won’t see any reels or lines in this game. So, what do you get? Well, you will see a lake stretching out in front of you once the game has loaded. That lake is home to lily pads – lots of lily pads. These give us a game based on snakes and ladders, so you might guess what happens next.

Banana Jones dice rolls

Yes, dice rolls. Since there are no reels to spin here, you must roll the two dice in front of you as the game begins. Instead of betting on each roll of those dice, you will get five rolls for your selected bet. That’s great news!

The lowest roll would be two and the highest would be 12, so you will watch the little character Banana Jones moving around the lily pads in accordance with your roll each time.

Snakes and… vines?

This is based on snakes and ladders, but you get snakes and vines instead. If Banana Jones arrives on a snake’s head, he falls to the bottom of the snake. Reach the bottom of a vine, however, and Banana Jones will go up the vine to move ahead in the game.

Banana Jones bonus features

The game comes with a map showing you various features. The idea is to collect diamonds and other items. These will award payouts if you get the right quantities of each.

There is a Treasure Wheel on the game screen too. If the character arrives on that, the wheel will appear, and you can spin it to secure a prize. Meanwhile, you might spot a temple over the other side of the lake. This is your aim – to reach the temple and unlock the Crystal Banana Quest. Inside the temple lies some treasure chests. There are prizes to be won inside those chests – perhaps up to 2,565x your triggering bet. That would be a cool prize!

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